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February Poetry

"Did you count?
The number of times he said my name in his sleep.

Did you curse?
When the syllables lingered ; hung there like feathers on a dream catcher."


"You'll do it again. Over and over again.
Fill your vase with wilting petals, rotting stems, and impending doom."


"In the emptiness, was a perfectly placed allegory."


"They were all smiles and courteousness.
All wore the same perfume - a subtle kind of eau de toilette, with very telling base notes:
citrusy resentment, musky ill-will, and aromatic ulterior motive."

"If you want transparency, eliminate the sugar-coated variety."


"You were a plot hole that didn't fit my story; a flawed concept I had to erase. "


"Just wrap your facade with a neat little ribbon made of treachery, and you're good to go."

Eyelet Babydoll Set ~ La Senza. Very old purchase - over 10 years ago.

Perfume ~ Moschino Toy 2 Bubblegum Perfume. 
Other Toy 2  HERE

Book ~ 100 Selected Poems by John Keats. Shown HERE

["Thanks for the bouquet! The lies are beautiful!", she typed & pressed send.

"LILIES, I meant lilies! Stupid auto-correct!" ~ she typed & pressed send, again.]


"My ink is..............." be continued in another setting.

P.S. I write fiction. None of it based on my life.


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