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100 Selected Poems by JOHN KEATS | Collectable Edition

And so begins my journey of collecting classicantique & collectible edition books.....

Starting with this book of poems dating back to the 1800's, enclosed in a beautiful raspberry 
pink hardcover with floral prints & a teal dust jacket with a charm of its own....


This collectable edition brings together his early poems along with his finest sonnets and remarkably flawless ODEs composed in the years before his death. It includes ‘imitation of Spenser’, ‘to Lord Byron’, ‘calidore: a fragment’, ‘Oh! How I love, on a fair summer’s Eve’, ‘I stood tip-toe upon a little Hill’, ‘sleep and poetry’, endymion, ‘Isabella’, ‘lamia’, his beautiful lyric ODEs composed in 1819, and both the versions of hyperion. Each poem is a Specimen of his vibrant imagination, sensational lyric, and thoughtful recognition and appreciation of beauty in everything.

I swear, didn't see my name there until I was editing this photo before posting here.

Price: ₹249

From: Amazon India.

If you have any recommendations, do tell us all in the comments below.

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