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MOSCHINO TOY 2 ~ Perfume Of The Year

Hey, hi! ;)

For those who are not on my Instagram, I haven't been here since Christmas.

To those who are on my Instagram, you know I brought in my 40th Birthday in May.
This perfume was one of my birthday presents, and I AM SO IN LOVE with it! <3

Key Notes:

Top - Mandarin Orange, Granny Smith Apple

Middle - Magnolia, Jasmine Petals, Peony, White Currant

Base - Musk, Sandalwood, Amber Woods

When I first saw this perfume last year, I thought, 'That is gonna be one of my next fragrances', only because of the teddy bear packaging.

Little did I know that it's all I'd wanna spritz myself with in 2021, because I just can't get enough of it! 
(Even before going to bed sometimes)

If you're waiting for me to describe the's mostly like apple & jasmine mixed together...
but somehow it also reminds me of Calvin Klein One, though they are very different.... imagine walking along an aisle of delectable fruity desserts & flower bouquets.....and the walls are a lilac colour... and your favourite male celebrity is walking towards you from the opposite end - in nothing but low-slung jeans....

Thank You, for visiting!

Hope you all are staying safe.

Until next time, take care.....


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