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My TOP 5 Cosy House Coats

Does a dislike for winters come naturally to everyone who grew up in hilly/wet/cold areas?

I'm a summer girl, and I really appreciate that winters here are short-lived. I was just thinking about getting some new fleece socks, because all my ancient ones have been misplaced or have holes in them....but here we are, at 29° already.

There are only 3 things that I will miss about winter:

- Boots
- The messages Zii leaves me on the hot shower steam in the bathroom.
- Plushy, Cosy House Coats - or dressing gowns & robes.

Ah, I dream of the day when I can just walk out the door in a plushy house coat. So many winter mornings I wished I could just throw on a plush coat over my pyjamas & put on some boots to drop Zii to school. I mean, what would be wrong in that, really?

I realized that I was a bit too obsessed them, when they were all I wanted to buy from most stores.  So I really controlled myself this past winter. I didn't buy any! I lived in just 5 of my favourites......

Left → Right:

La Senza Pink Plush ~ Oldest & my first. Bought from Edinburgh in the late 2000's.
It was this bulky bundled thing that occupied almost an entire suitcase.

Hunkemöller Baby Pink Honeycomb Plush ~ Love this colour & fabric.

Primark Sherpa with bear ears ~ I bought this whilst Primarking in the UK, so it's a special kind of attachment.

Hunkemöller Dusty Pink Velour ~ If fleece is too much for you, go with velour, coz the fabric is light & doesn't heat up your body.

Hunkemöller Wolf Fleece Robe ~ My favouritest! The fabric is so soft & very light. And 🦊 

I find the midi length ones with patch pockets & a hood the most comfy.

The best thing about plush coats is, they dry so fast after being, they're quite durable & unstainable too - the amount of tea I've spilled on them!

Happy March, Everyone!


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