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Maybelline New York Launches The Falsies Mascara [India]

If you had been waiting....waiting....waiting....It's fianlly here!
Yet another innovation from its leading mascara franchise Volum’ Express, The Falsies Mascara creates the illusion of long, batty eyelashes to give you the most volumized lashes ever! 
The groundbreaking The Falsies mascara gives you a full set of voluminous and bold lashes which help you achieve volume styles to keep up with the current make-up trends. The mascara redefines volume for really long lashes and is designed to give the appearance of no gaps and spaces.

The Pro-Keratin and Fibre enriched formula is designed to deliver immediate results. The formula helps in distributing volume and visible intensity to the lashes, and also gives 300% more visible and fuller lashes with a unique flexible wand. The spoon curler brush comes in a shape of false lashes so it's a cinch to reach every last lash. The brush fans out the lashes corner-to-corner for an ultra glam look like never before.

So, ditch your false lashes and try the new falsies mascara today!

Price: Rs. 425/-
Available:  All MNY counters across the country.
I have done a review on it here 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. aiyyo ! went yesterday to buy a mascara , my 2nd ever ! :D hehehahah !! I could have bought this instead .. bought Lakme Eyeconic, it turned out clumpy - ish :( .. not happy ...

  2. i'm also not happy with the result. my lashes looked too thick and clumpy after using the mascara.

  3. Hey :D
    Great blog that you have, I'm a new follower! (:
    I don't know this mascara, I also don't know if it's already available at Germany, I'm not a big fan of Maybelline mascaras...


  4. Looks like finally some wisdom have dawned on MNY. From Colortattoo shadows to the other shades of gel liners-- they are finally convinced we are not all about browns and maroons and blacks :P

  5. it's finally here and it's clumping hehe

  6. Wooh!! I'm SO excited to try this! The name is just awesome and love the packaging. Have you tried it yet? Please review. I will purchase it soon as I loved colossal too :D

  7. hola guapa, estoy leyendo opiniones para todos los gustos, será cuestión de probar y ver resultados...gracias por compartir y besos


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