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Bourjois Colorissimo Roses Fashion Review & Swatches

"Everyday, Flash, Chic. That's 3 complementary hues of different intensities which can be worn alone or mixed together for an added touch of style." 
That's how Bourjois describes the newly launched (in India) Bourjois Colorissimo Lips Palette. I've been using Shade 03 Roses Fashion, a mix of pinky/orange hues, that are usually colors that I fancy in lipsticks.
Finish of the lipsticks is semi-matte, but still glossy & moisturizing.
Refer to pic: For a plump effect, apply color 2 on the center of your lips

Comes with a dual-ended sponge applicator, which is the same as the one that come with the Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadows
The Good:
  • Cute & compact packaging, which easily fits in a small makeup bag.
  • Can be used as cream blushes, as they're non-sticky.

The Bad:
  • Lipsticks have that distinctive lipsticky smell.
  • Sponge applicator does not suit the product at all! It soaks up all the balmy-ness & creamy-ness, leaving little else for the lips.
  • Best applied with fingers, which can get messy.
  • Lipstick are not so pigmented. Need to be layered 3-5 times to show.
  • Pricey.   
Swatches: 1, 2, 3. Everyday, Flash, Chic

I swatched the 3 color on my lips.....
I think I would have liked this little trio palette a lot more had it been cream blushes. Love the concept, but the contents didn't live up to my expectations.
Price ~ Rs.775
My Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥  3/5 
Available in 3 more shades. See photos here  

Have you tried Colorissimo yet? 
♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. WOW, amazing color!
    I love Bourjois!!!

  2. i love the shades!

  3. such an honest review..lov u for that..totally skipping it..thanku so much cz

  4. oooohhh..i love the shade two...bit for the price and a bit messy use..i would skip this trio !

  5. Oh :( At 775, I would not prefer them sheer..but such pretty colors..

  6. Pretty shades, shame about the pigmentation though. The concept seems pretty cool in theory!

  7. Not for this price :(! will skip this, thanks for the review!

  8. hola guapa, lástima porque los colores son preciosos...gracias por tu opinión y besos

  9. Im not a fan of lipstick palettes anyway. I like to stick to good old tubes. Couldnt be bothered with brushes. And at this price, I'll give it a miss.

  10. i love boujois! the colors look amazing.

  11. Hey CZ, I have a request (if you dont mind).
    Please dont mention India for every product of india like "That's how Bourjois describes the newly launched (in India)". it feels like i am reading some foreigner's blog but then again even if you do, i'll love your posts the same way.

    However, you can write the country's name for the products that are being launched there :P.

    1. LOL're so cute! Nah I don't mind such requests :). Actually, what I meant was it was newly launched in India, but it's been there for a while in other countries. I bought this from India only, and I would have written like that even if I was posting it from India hehe...

      I won't be saying UK or India in my other posts, btw :D


  12. Colors are pretty and I love the packaging, I never use lip colors in palettes so I don't think I'd ever use it!


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