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Maybelline The Jewels Berry Brilliant ~ Product Of The Week

Berry Brilliant. Berry Nice. Berry Autumn.
Another gorgeous shade from Maybelline The Jewels Collection. Since I made it Product of The Week, I'll quickly quickly chat about it today. 
996 Berry Briliant

If you want a berry shade, Maybelline Berry Brilliant will not disappoint you. I was surprised that I didn't notice it the first time! It's like a just bitten lip tint & lip balm in one.
Look at that! Scared of reds? Berry is just as beautiful. If I were a man, I'd think that a sexier lip color than red. I already do, so... yeah, I do think like a man.
It's a sheerer version of MAC Rebel lipstick.....

Price ~ Rs.350
My Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5/5 
Swatches of 2 other shades Rubylicious & Amethyst Ablaze HERE 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. grog clicks in lov wid the shade

  2. such a lovely shade and suits you a lot :) xx

  3. awesome shade !! perfect for festive season

  4. Awesome shade.....vl definitely try this :)

  5. Looks great on you! Pretty shade <3


  6. Luved the clicks! this is a sexy shade and a subtle version of Rebel which I like :)!

  7. Guess this is the only not so bright shade out of the 6. ..

  8. I should say that I would definitely go for Maybelline shade of Berry brilliant products..I was looking for that kind of shade for so long and look I find it here...I am so pleased finding your blog...


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