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Lakme Summer Collection 2010 ~ Night Fever By Suneet Verma


Lakme Summer 2010 Collection Night Fever aims to provide an enchanting experience for women who enjoy dressing up at night, regardless of the occasion! The colors are deep and dynamic, and the textures are silky and light for that glamorous look.

Enrich Satin Lip Color (Rs.225)
Richly pigmented lip color that feels like a coat of luxurious satin, sunscreen, vitamins and olive extracts leave you with the softest, smoothest lips ever! In indulgent shades of wine, chocolate, burgundy and fuschia.

Lip Artist (Rs.250)
Use these color rich sticks to define your lip line or fill with intense color. Enhanced with skin care vitamins for soft, smooth application. Take your pick of the hottest shades from deep crimsons to classic terracottas.

Eye Magic (Rs.295)
The lightweight, translucent gel comes with quick dry formula that fixes the sparkle in place. Paint crystalline lines for a soft look or sweep the entire eyelid for a jewel encrusted look. Can be used as an eye shadow or as a highlighter for cheeks or any other part of the body in classic shades of gold and silver for a subtle, pearly shine.
Available in 2 shades

Black Impact Liner (Rs.195)
Enhance your eyes with the blackest of black eyeliner that doesn’t fade. The rich, intense color in a silky formula glides on – lining, defining with the greatest of ease. Water-resistant and fast drying, it wont budge for hours. The brush handle offers a comfortable grip so you can create dark, dramatic eyes that are a night-time glam staple.
Available in Black.

Lash Artist (Rs.225)
The ultimate in definition and separation. This must-have mascara delivers stunningly defined eyes. This unique brush separates and curls each lash and coats it from root to tip without ever clumping. Smudge-proof, tear proof and easily removable.
Available in black

True Wear Nail Color (Rs.90)
Inspired by rich, deep colors tinted with the black of the night. Midnight blues and sangria reds. Add a touch of night fever to your glam look.
Available in 6 shades

Aquashine Lipcolor (Rs.425)
A revolutionary product that’s everyone’s favourite. It’s a lipstick, a lip balm and lip gloss all in one. Available in brand new colors of the season. From luscious Sangria and Plum to sophisticated Sepia and Firebrick shades. With a unique applicator for enhanced color delivery. Just one sweep and you’re ready to go.
Available in 4 shades

Glide On Eye Color (Rs.275)
Deep, intense, molten hues in a silky soft, creamy texture. For eyes that reflect the stars. Edge, smudge, line, shadow, color or blend with the greatest of ease. Wear the colors of the season from subtle green to warm copper and plush purple.
Available in 3 shades.

I must say, this collection looks very impressive. Boy, I'm liking so many things! Can't wait to try them!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I can finally get my hands on some of this stuff :)

  2. I tried the Glide On Eye Liners on Sunday. Didn't like the colors much. Copper is actually Golden, and Plush Purple is a milky purple shade.

    Didn't try the rest of the new stuff so can't say about that :)

  3. I got almost all shades of Aqua shine lip color in my marriage..Initailly I liked them but not any more.:P

  4. Eye magics and Aquashines are good. I have a glide on eye colour in green. Love the colour but it spreads to all over my eyelids in about 2 hours!

  5. i wish we'd have this brand here.. i think it is a very indian brand..

  6. I somehow like Lakme the black is really intense black

  7. i just love those glide on eye pencils. the colours seem strangely nice to me and the quality is pretty neat. i've always loved the aquashines. the lip artist looks promising!

  8. I don't know why i've never tried Lakme before, I may get hold of the nail polishes....are their mascaras any good?.......

  9. @Syeda ~ I've never tried Lakme mascaras so can't say atm, but will try them soon


  10. I'm lusting after the lip color !

  11. This collection looks impressive indeed! xoxo

  12. heya.... they look so kool, but i would like to purchase them, is there any where in the uk i could purchase, or buy cheap online without having to pay expensive shipping? anyone...x


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