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Reader's Request ~ Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Review

This is especially for you, Rajni!

Originally created to keep the complexion of the actors looking flawless in the 6x magnification of high definition compared to regular cameras. The products innovative formulas with ultra fine granulometry meet the highest standards of both professionals and the everyday woman in daylight. HD Foundation harmonizes the complexion and does not accentuate wrinkles, leaving natural-looking skin.
Invisible Cover Foundation that is oil-free and Dermatologist-tested

Available in 25 shades. So, I think there's a shade for everyone.

My shade is #120 Soft Sand (for medium light skin with yellow undertones)

~ Review ~

This is a medium to heavy coverage foundation. It covers blemishes and fine lines. It can double up as a concealer.

That's 1 pump in the 2nd pic. A bit too much for daily use on the face but if you want heavier coverage in some areas then it's just the right amount.

Best applied with a stippling brush or any foundation brush. Fingers just don't make it look well-blended and flawless, in my opinion. It is invisible when applied properly and and sheerly (in daylight)

What I like about it:
  • It does give a flawless even finish. Covers pores too.
  • Lasts all day/night.
  • Wide range of shades. Everybody will find one that suits her/him
  • It is a matte finish, so it's great for summer. If you're into dewy foundations, this is not for you.
  • The packaging is top notch. I love the classy pump bottle. I won't be throwing it away, that's for sure (lol...I'm such a hoarder!)
  • Oil-free
What I don't like about it:
  • I don't like how light it makes me look in flash photography (dark room). I used it on my cousin once and it made her look somewhat like Heath Ledger in 'The Dark Knight' in photos XD.
  • It dries too quickly while it's on your hand, so you need to apply it on to your face quickly!
  • It can look too dry sometimes (although not an issue a good moisturizer can't fix)
  • It takes a while to blend it.
  • That's all. Oh, and I think $40 is a bit much for a foundation, but if the heart wants HD foundation (and HD TV), even our frugal minds can't stop us from buying, right? :)
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ + .5
Buy Again? YES. Unless a better one comes along by the time I use this up.
Would I recommend it? Yes, it's worth a try, especially those with oily and combination skin.

For more swatches, please check some out here & Sephora here

Hope this review helps all those who are contemplating getting this.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I've been looking for a good "HD" foundation... I was interested in this one, but that's disappointing that it makes people look white in photographs! I thought the whole point of an HD foundation was for it to look good on camera! Ah well... the search continues...

  2. your skin is so nice!!
    it is a bit expensive, but if it's good, then i wouldn't mind buying it ^.^

  3. I want to try out their blushes since I have heard so much about them.. I wonder when they launch in Mumbai?

  4. Sounds good . But now I'm soo glad it aint available in India .. I'm indirectly saving 40 bucks :P
    $40 is too much for a foundation that dont look good on camera !

  5. thanks for the review... :) it looks good to me

  6. I've been hearing this is a great foundation for photos! Definitely on my list of things to try except that I have at least 4 foundations and bb creams to use up LOL
    Thanks for the review Cyn :)

  7. Great review, I love this foundation <3

  8. actually, it looks really good in pictures. are you sue ur cousin didnt wear something with SPF in it? OR maybe the lighting was OTT. Give it one more chance, I used it for my convocation pictures and my skin looked good.

  9. thanks hun for keeping ur promise ! great review as always , So this is next on my shopping list... :))

  10. Hey Cynthia..where did you buy this from? Also are there are other HD foundations available in India?

  11. @Shilpa~ I got this from Malaysia. No HD foundations available in India atm.U might get this one from Kunchal's if u live in Delhi

    @Rajni~ Always happy to help readers like you :)

    @AOYV~ It only make me look white when the room is dark n click wit flash, otherwise it looks good.

    @T~ No idea when they'll be launching in Mumbai :S.


  12. Ah I am lemming the MUFE HD foundation for ages, Lot of ppl are comparing it to the Nars Sheer Glow foundation which I gotta give a try too ;)

  13. i'am also saving up to buy this makeup
    heard great things about it =)

  14. I had been using clinique foundation for the longest time and I decided to try out something new and better. So,I went to sephora and got a tiny sample of the Make Forever HD foundation and what a disappoint :( I REALLY wanted to like this product, I tried it on with the HD primer and it did NOT work!*sigh* I guess it works different on everyone, but I must say they have a wide variety of colors to choose from so plus point people wont have a hard time trying to find a foundation that matches their skin tone and it might just end up working for them. I guess my next try outs were Bobbi brown and Mac foundation let's see which one works *Fingers crossed* :P Also, guys if your looking for a 'flawless' finish well depending on the blemishes on your skin, this foundation is NOT a full coverage, it ranges from light to medium coverage and if you guys check out the reviews on youtube and else where people say so and from personal experience I agree and the employee at sephora had advised me the same exact thing,but hey if it works for you then good for you :D
    P.s: I discovered your blog a few hours ago and now am hooked on it :P and love your reviews and your tips and your veryyyy prettty :)


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