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Revealing The Top Commenter & Winner of Giveaway Category 1 Only

Hey Ladies,

I decided to announce the winner of only the 1st Category today. I will announce winners of 2nd & 3rd categories tomorrow, because I felt this post would look too confusing and long.

Just a reminder, 1st category is only for those who regularly read and comment on my blog + Top Commenter x 2 =)

I picked  16 ladies from the entries to be in this category. 17 altogether including an extra entry for the Top Commenter.

I've decided to send a special 'Thank You' gift to the Top Commenter as well, coz it just feels right.

So, without further ado....

The TOP COMMENTER of this Blog is ~ Tanveer Parmar of Addicted To Blush 

Thank you so much for all the comments T! =) 

Moving on to the winner of the 1st category :

And the WINNER is........

Congrats Palak! :)

Please go to the websites of  ~ Bourjois, Lakme & Colorbar, to select the shades you want. It would be better if you pick 2-3 shades, you know, just in case the first choice is not available. Email the details to my email listed in the Contact Page.

Tanveer, please email me your address too!

P.S. Palak & Tanveer will be out of the 2nd & 3rd Categories. Let the others have a better chance, no? ;) 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. ooooooooooooooooo how carefully thought out! i wish i could plan so well :P
    anyway congratulations to both palak and tanveer!

  2. Congratulations to the winners! Great giveaway sweetie!

  3. heehee congratulations tanvee & palak

  4. lollll you've thought this out so well. congrats to the girls

  5. Congrats Tanveer and Palak :-)

  6. wow I am happy as both the bloggers are known to me:)

  7. Hey! Thks a lot CZ & Thks to everyone else too for their wishes :D :D

    Well CZ, it is a pleasure commenting on your posts coz it comes so easy. Your posts are very innovative, well written and make for wonderful reading. They always provoke my mind into an opinion which I have to share with you then :)

    Thks for all the wonderful posts! :D

  8. awwww... I never won a giveaway ! I'm sooo glad I did now :P
    Thank you Cynthia :)
    yours and tannys were the first blog I started reading .. and always wanted to win a giveaway from your blog :P
    I am ecstatic now !
    Thanks everyone for your wishes . This is indeed very special .. seems It will be like my b'day present. It falls on 12th july .. haha .
    *Jumps around and stupidly claps*

  9. Hey, I got the parcel. Thank you so much for the well thought out gifts. I loved everything!

    In fact I wore the blush to office today and everyone kept commenting on my glowing skin :D

    Thks a lot CZ!


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