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New! Revlon & Maybelline Lipstains

Another reason not to get the MAC Art Supplies Lipstain Marker!
Our favorite drugstore brands are catching up by coming up with their very own versions of Lipstains. 


Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm by Colorstay
Lipstain and balm in one convenient dual-ended package, Kiss-proof,  contains Vitamin C for anti-oxidant protection, Color does not smudge or streak Creamy, lightweight balm perfectly melts on lips for smooth, glide-on application

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain

These contains water with berry nectar to provide a weightless wash of color for a healthy flush. Available in 10 shades

The Revlon ones sound like my kind of lipstains! And unlike Maybelline (even the Color Sensational Lipsticks aren't here yet!), Revlon does launch new products in India pretty soon, and I'm guessing in 2-3 months we'll see the Lipstain + Balm in India 

 What about you? Liking these?


  1. I read musing of muse review on maybelline ones ,yesterday and they looked lovely. I also like the packaging of revlon and maybelline lip stains, MAC ones was Bleh !

  2. These look even better actually..the packaging :-)

  3. Ohhh i am excited... these look great :)

  4. they sound pretty good. haven't tried them just yet!

  5. wow!!! MACs lipstain were looking tempting..You saved my money by showing this up:D

  6. Loving it CZ , they are absolutely delish .. I'm so waiting for the Revlon tint + balm thingie :)

  7. Hey..

    Thanks for the info..Me too looking forward to the Revlon Balm+Stain.

  8. actually i like this more than lipsticks and im glad i havent purchased any lipstick lately as i know i'll buy a lot of these lipstains when it finally debut in manila.

  9. Whee :D I'm so excited to try these :D

  10. I love lip tints :).. I hope both Revlon & Maybelline launch both here :).

  11. Wow u saved me from spending for MAC.. I'll try these first.. Thanks Cynth :)

  12. Hi Cynthia
    I'm a newbie here but am totally addicted to your stuff !!!
    It's mind-blowing and I can relate sooo well to you :)
    I'm in awe of all ur make-up goodies...they're fabulous
    I loved the Sigma brush that u brought...the pink's damn cute!
    And I can' wait to lay my hands on the
    1) Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
    2) Micromax Bling
    3) Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain
    Keep up the good job...ur doing all us chicks a huge favour...thnk u an anwesome bunch 4 dah !
    May ur vanity always flourish :D

  13. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks! U know, I'm selling my Micromax Bling...I can't type on it.I need my t9 :D But yeah it's fabulous. The pink kabuki is great!
    Glad u left a leave yr name next time, that is if ur comfortable with it. TC!


  14. i just bought the revlon just bitten lipstain and i love it! im so happy they're making drugstore lipstains now.
    love your blog! you have a new follower!

    follow my blog?

  15. what could be the prices?

  16. It's never going to come to India...I really wanted to get them so badly...


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