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Revlon Beyond Natural Lashes Review + How To Apply & Remove False Lashes + False Lash Applicator

Revlon Beyond Natural False Eyelashes are professional eyelashes that are ultra lightweight, come with a Precision Lash Adhesive, and are re-usable with proper care. Every box come with its very own reference tip sheet for helpful guides on how to apply and remove these false eyelashes. 

My Review:
They are SIMPLY AMAZING! I want more!!! :P . I just love how soft they are. It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing falsies. I could go to bed with them on too =D That is, if no adhesive is involved.
I also like how nicely they are packed (Eco-friendly packaging as stated on the box)
I'd pick these over Mac False Eyelashes any given day! Yes the quality is almost the same.

With the 2 pair ones in the 1st row, I didn't even need to trim them. They fit my eyes perfectly :)

The adhesive, however looks gooey now, after using it about 3 times. I think it's not meant to be exposed to too much air. So it has balled up a bit. It was great at first-Thin brush applicator, dries clear and it is waterproof. Now I doubt I can use it with without any messiness. So, I might have to use my HG Duo Adhesive.

Here I'm wearing the 91169 Long Volumizing

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ (High Five!!!)

Here are some tips on how to apply & remove false eyelashes.....

How to apply False Eyelashes:
  • First check if the eyelash fits by holding it against your eye. If too long, cut from the outer corner (the longer end)
  • Apply a thin coat of adhesive along the band. Apply a bead of adhesive on each end so they don't flip out. Wait at least 20 seconds or until adhesive is tacky before placing it on your lash line.
  • Place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible. Use your fingers or the back end of tweezers to press them on until they have stuck on to your eyes completely.
  • Curl false lashes and natural lashes together using an eyelash curler.
  • Apply mascara so they blend together 
How to remove False Eyelashes:
  • Never pull off falsies right away and without any slippery product. It will hurt and yes you WILL pull out your natural lashes along with the falsies.
  • Use some cleansing oil, baby oil or makeup remover with your fingers to loosen the lashes from your eyes. Keep dabbing the oil lightly onto the lashes and pull them out bit by bit until they come off.
  • Remove excess adhesive left on your eyes by using oil or makeup remover, and then wash it all off with your cleanser (face wash)
  • To be able to reuse the false lashes, clean them gently with baby oil, cleansing oil or any good makeup remover. Then rinse with water (not hot). Pat dry with a tissue or soft towel and place them back in the box that they came in.
A tool I find very useful is this False Eyelash Applicator I got from Sasa

It gently peels off the lashes from the platform. Some people say we should use tweezers to peel off and apply the lashes, but I find tweezers too sharp for false lashes, they might end up breaking them.

After applying glue, you can place the lashes on this little thingy (lol..I don't know what to call it!) And after waiting for 20 secs or so for the adhesive to get tacky, use the blue peg-like applicator to peel off the lashes and place the lashes on your lash line. 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclaimer: The Revlon Beyond Natural Lashes were sent to me by the company's PR for consideration. 
I bought the Applicator  tools myself.


  1. The lashes look so amazing and the Applicator is so cool...
    I have failed n number of times in putting on the false lashes.. Could you also let us know the cost of these lashes & how they are compared to the ones from QVS False Eye lashes???

  2. Wow !! they look amazing Cynthia..Best is that they don look fake at all..

    Love it...whats the proce by the way:)

  3. The applicator is so cute. The lashes look so real!

  4. hey the lashes looks so cool !!
    I will keep in mind your suggestions while using them :)

  5. those lashes look gorgeous and that applicator is so cute! i have never ever worn falsies before and don't really know when i'll wear my first pair, but now i have a few tricks up my sleeve to make the process easier.

  6. I won these lashes at the IMBB giveaway! Will try your tips once I find the glue :)

  7. OMG I can't thank you much as I realy wanted to apply one of these and know how to... loveeeeeee


  8. gorgeous aint they? I've got them too and they are simply fab!

  9. Gosh, I never knew there was such a thing as a false eyelash applicator! That's such a cool invention.

  10. I love how you did the review. I have only tried two of these so far and I didn't like the intensifying ones. I also love how light weight they are.

  11. Thanx a ton for this review. Will give the falsies a try again this weekend:)

  12. Ah you got it too! they look gorgeous on you hun :D these are also available in a criss cross pattern so I'm gonna get them too to complete the set xoxo

  13. Wow Girl, i love the lashes & loved your review even more.. I have never used false lashes before & these really caught my attention! Your method of application too is real nice. Got to learn a lot from this post :)

  14. I love your product reviews. You sure do look pretty!

  15. Thanks for the review Cynthia.I'm waiting for these to be launched in India.
    I use MAC but I feel once you wash these they loose their curl and do you keep the shape intact? any suggestions

  16. @Yuvna~ After washing gently, wipe with tissue, bend them back n forth, apply some glue on the band n place them on the platform they came it, that way they won't lose shape. That's what I do :)



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