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Moles ~ Hidden Meanings ~ To Remove or Not? Poll

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to get the mole on my face removed. It doesn't bother me, but I find it distracting every once in a while.

At times, I think if I remove it, I'll lose my magical powers =D (assuming I have some.. LOL)

Do you believe that some moles are good luck charms?

I have 3 big moles that, I believe, have played some part in shaping my life. Because inexplicable things have happened in my life and I've had some very surreal "good luck" at times when I need it the most! (touchwood)

They say that the bigger the mole, the greater the force of the omen which it indicates (good or bad)

I have 3 big visible moles. Alongside, I will list what all meanings I've heard and read people say about my moles.
  1. On my left thigh (front) ~ A warm enthusiastic temperament, warning of loss of money, injustice and loneliness, hard work & business, sensual nature.
  2. On the right side of my neck ~ Unforeseen 'gifts, legacies and inheritances', will acquire a lot of gold, unreasonable temperament
  3. On the left side of my nose ~ Will shed a lot of tears in life, voluptuous temperament
Blake Lively has a mole like mine, but on the right side of the nose:

They erased her mole in the second photo

Just for fun, I created a poll. Kindly vote if you feel like =)
Not that my decision will depend on your vote. I'd just like to see what others think. At the end of the day, I do have to think long and hard about whether I'm willing to part with something which maybe makes me who I am.
So, what do you think? Remove or Don't Remove? 

'Mole' Vs 'No Mole'
(Click to enlarge)

I've  put the poll on the sidebar--->
Thanks for voting! =)

You can read more about the meanings of moles here . here and here  

Have a great week everybody!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


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  3. haha i have a mole *big one* at the right hand corner of my bottom lip. is that good? :P may be i should do a poll as well for mine :D

    and no. you should not remove your mole! I think it brings attention to your beautiful eyes!!

  4. I have moles on my left thigh (front), on the right side of my neck and on the right side of my nose. Never bothered too much.

    I guess you must also not bother to much. You look gorgeous- Mole or no mole. Voted! :)

  5. I think you are very pretty just the way you are. But you are your own biggest critic, so do whatever makes you happy. I think its fine the way it is, and it's actually on a flattering part of your face, but its ultimately about how it makes YOU feel. :)

  6. i have one on the right side of my neck and one on the bridge of my nose but a lil towards right.

    woah i just read the hidden meanings and all about my moles and thank god.. its all positive..!!!

    i dont think you should get it removed.. its your lucky omen.. and since you yourself feel that they have brought you luck, dont take the chance, as you know a woman's sixth sense is very strong.. if you feel your moles have somehow shaped your life.. have them with you forever..

  7. Don't remove it. You are gorgeous just the way you are and that mole only makes you unique. <3

  8. I had voted last night, but was too tired to comment :)

    I voted No.

    I too have a lot of moles, one on my face - left side near the ear on the jawline, one of my left arm shoulder, one on my lower back. Plenty of them. I never thought about removing them.

    & I totaly agree with Ashwini - you are perfect and pretty just the way you are, but if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. :D

  9. I too feel you need not remove them..unless of course they cause any trouble or if there is any particular reason to have them removed.

    They look so much a part of you and the disappearance may look as if something is missing. I have a teeny weeny one above my right eyebrow..

  10. I really hard to concentrate on you picture to find the mole... I have mole on my jawline too..

    You look beautiful the way you are.. however if you really wanna get it done & it makes you happy then harm in it :)

  11. hey, this is so interesting and can u share the link of how do u get the meaning of ur moles? I have a few visible moles too and I've always want to find out more about them... anyway, as a chinese, I've heard alot about moles removal and how it will affect ur life... some ppl do that to change their "fate" and some for more logical purposes such as, beauty.. however, I think I wont remove anything that I am blessed with.. ;-)

  12. Thanks for voting n for your kind words all. I'm glad others also think moles mean something :D

    @shaynajo~ I've added the links in the last line girl.

    @pchan~ ya u put a poll too :)

    @Anonymous~ Thanks so much! Videos are coming very soon =)

    @T~ So funny u said plent of them lol. I guess I shouldn't let them bother me too

    @Priyanka~ Ur right about a woman's 6th sense ;). So we both have moles on the right side of our necks!


  13. @Rati~ Thanks girl! Sounds like we have moles in the same places lol

    @shivani~ Thanks loads girly :)

    @GGG~LoL I guess ur right

    @Lisa~ Thanks girl. That system was bogus! I'm doin good...hope u r too

    @Aswini~ Well said. Gonna think about it


  14. Oh ,Moles have hidden meanings ? I am surprised !
    Even I have plenty of moles but me too neva bothered about them too much . You are one beauty CZ ,having a mole or no mole wont affect your life.
    And we will keep loving you like the way we do, always
    take cre gurly!!

  15. Hey Cynthia! I don't think you need to remove it but of course it's ultimately up to you. However, if you believe what they say about the mole on the left side of your nose and want to err on the safe side, it may be worth considering.

  16. @Palak~ Thanks so much sweetie ♥ Take care!

    @SnS~ Yup ur right...hmm...thinking thinking :)


  17. I would leave them as they are, unless they start to "change", in which case, doctor's advice would be needed.

  18. Awwe You look pretty with mole! I too have a small mole on the right side of my face, below the eye area and I feel it adds a character to my face and makes me feel special to have it really! xoxo

  19. oh i don't have moles but my mother has one on her leg and she hasn't done anything to it. i suggest that you don't remove them as long as they don't cause any trouble! such spots can be quite endearing and in a way represent you!

  20. With or without mole you look beautiful Cynths ^_^. I have moles on my face too but I like it the way it is ahaha so it's gonna stay. ^_^

  21. i can't see any moles in ur face

  22. The mole gives you character! I've got lots of moles all over me but a big one on my left eyelid! The smaller ones on my face tend to be less visible or gone when I wear heavier coverage foundation...otherwise I love the big mole on my eyelid...I wouldn't be the same!

  23. LOL this post just showed up as a recommendation, and having moles on my face, I read it. I have a mole right above my lip, on the left side. People have told me it means I have an evil streak (which I do, honestly, I sometimes scare my friends with my weird talks, it creeps them out!) and that it makes me look like some Naagin. :P My answer now will obviously make no difference, but I would never advise anyone to get rid of their moles, unless it's so big that it's unattractive or it's for medical reasons. Your physical features together with your moles and birthmarks lend you your character. Don't mess with it! Also, one of my friends got a mole (on her right cheek) in the 9th grade, and it left very visible scar!!


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