My Favorite Blog Post 2 ~ Make-up Shopping in Singapore ~ "The Sweet & Helpful"

Here is another favorite blog post of mine. I asked Pchan of 'My Makeup Diary' about the different make-up brands that are available in Singapore because I'm thinking about visiting the place again soon after 5 years and wanted to make sure if it's worth a second visit (that is, depending on whether all my favorite make-up brands are available there ;) ), and she was sweet enough to write a post about it "especially for meee..." :D 
If you're planning to visit Singapore any time, you might also find this very helpful.

Tips: If you're visiting Singapore for a makeup shopping trip!
~ By Pchan

This post is specially for you, Cynthia!!!

:) I hope you'll find this useful.

And for those who happen to want to visit Singapore, here are the best places to go makeup shopping!

For international brands like MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Christian Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Clarins blah blah blah, I would recommend you to get them in the Duty Free at Changi Airport as they are MUCH cheaper than in Orchard Road.

If you want to get a Japanese/ Taiwanese makeup fix, you can drop by Sasa in Wisma Atria (Orchard Road) or Watsons (everywhere you go to there will be a Watsons!) but I would recommend the Takashimaya branch (Orchard Road). Watsons has Fasio, Maybelline, Loreal, Canmake, Gransenbon, Za, Sana and other Japanese makeup brands :D

For Fancl stuff, you can get it from either their flagship store at Takashimaya, or their counter inside Isetan departmental store (Wisma Atria/ Tampines mall). Isetan has Kose, Dr. Ci Labo, Laneige, Anna Sui, Shu Uemura, RMK, Paul & Joe, Cosme Decort (sp?), Givenchy, Origins.... the list goes on.

Takashimaya also has Coffret D'or, Kanebo and Lunasol!
For Korean cosmetics, you can check out Etude House at........

.......Please read the rest here

Thanks Pchan for letting me share this "Sweet & Helpful" post =)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Nice post.. Never been to s'pore but thks for sharing. Will be useful if I ever go there :)

  2. I want to visit Singapore sometime!! <3

  3. Thanks for sharing this post hun! Would love to visit Singapore someday! xoxo

  4. Hey..

    Lovely post. In fact I had read it in PChan's blog almost a week ago :-)

    Quite informative..

  5. That was a very useful post! Singapore, I'm coming to you soon (hopefully)!

  6. Hi doll, I just found your blog and am loving it! Following you now and so happy I found ya! xoxo

  7. Will keep that in mind whenever I plan to Singapore! I have always wanted to got here, especially for shopping :D

  8. I've been hearing a lot of nice things about Singapore, my boss before are Singaporeans and they are really nice people, can speak English fluently too ^_^.

    BTW Cynths you got a TAG and an AWARD on my blog hehe ^_^.

    Happy Weekend ;)

  9. If you come, do try to go to Stardust - a shoppie located in the big shopping hum atop of Dhoby Gaunt MRT - it has some very well stocked shelves of Borjois, Canmake and lot's of other minor Asian brands.

  10. Hey there fellow Indian! Going thru ur site here...I'm lovin it :)

  11. I was in Singapore in 2009 - LOVED it. They have every make-up brand under the sun but I found that in Canada they are the cheapest. I think in US they are even more cheap.


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