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My MAC Lipstick Collection

I know, I know, I disappeared for more than 3 days again! That's why I wanted to do a big post today. Did you know I'm apartment hunting these days? A lil' more on that at the end of this post.
Immediately after reaching home yesterday, I suddenly wanted to do a MAC Lipstick Collection. It was evening time, and although I spent over half an hour clicking, I ended up not liking the pictures. So these are the 2nd batch, and I'd gone out in the garden to set them up. Luckily, only 2 people saw me lining up the lippies like it's the most important job in the world - the mali (gardener) & one man talking on his phone on a terrace next door. Maybe more people saw, but I was lost......

I arranged them color-wise, so you can compare between similar shades.

L-R: Candy Yum Yum, Pink Pigeon, Lickable, Mehr, Profusion, Chatterbox, Viva Glam Lady Gaga, Angel

Violetta, Rebel, Flat Out Fabulous, Daddy's Little Girl, Pink Popcorn

Back: Ronnie Red, RiRi Woo, Ruby Woo. 
Front: Heartless, RiRi ♥ MAC Pleasure Bomb, All Fired Up, Marilyn Monroe Love Goddess

(L-R): Impassioned, Party Parrot, Viva Glam Nicki Minaj

L-R: Cosmo, Viva Glam V, Sheen Supreme Bare Again, Modesty, Peach Blossom, Patisserie

L-R: Watch Me Simmer, Betty Bright, Ever Hip

L-R: Mineralize Rich Style Surge, Made To Order, See Sheer, Marilyn Monroe Scarlet Ibis, Viva Glam Cindy Lauper

Presently, they live in my Kryolan traincase, where I stored all my other lipsticks when I left for UK. I just ordered a lipstick holder from Ebay. Will show when it arrives. They delayed dispatch date coz of Chinese New Year =\

Total Number Of MAC Lipsticks: 37.

On My Wishlist: 3. To make it an even 40! =D

Repurchased: Patisserie, my favorite nude lippie.

Might Repurchase: See Sheer. The smallest of them all!

MOST FAVORITE (in random order): Flat Out Fabulous, All Fired Up, Chatterbox, Betty Bright (I feel so pretty when I wear this!), Ruby Woo/RiRi Woo (they're so similar I wouldn't mind having just one of them), Pleasure Bomb, Ronnie Red, Party Parrot (Limited edition, so Impassioned could be a substitute), Viva Glam Nicki Minaj, Modesty, Pink Pigeon, Rebel, Daddy's Little Girl,
+ Patisserie & See Sheer.

LEAST FAVORITES (Out, bored with, least worn): Profusion, Lickable, Candy Yum Yum, Pink Popcorn, Cosmo, Angel, Mineralize Rich Style Surge.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

How many MAC lippies are in your collection? Do share your Most Favorites too!

About apartment hunting, we had viewed some yesterday. Found a nice one, but we are still hoping for a better one in the same building/vicinity (read: cheaper, higher floor, better view.) Tomorrow, we go view some more. I will be documenting and posting photos of the house hunting in my 2nd blog : (Shoes & Life Of A Beauty Blogger). If you're interested in that sort of thing, then come listen to my stories there! =D


  1. wow....what a collection.....I have 10 mac lippies in my vanity and i <3 them!!!
    love the pictures!!!!!

  2. OMG !! Such a huge collection. I just have three :p

  3. Wow, thats some awesome collection you got there.

  4. That is a huge collection! How did you find the patience to go through them all?

  5. WOW. What an awesome collection. :O I love all of them!

  6. Amazing visual treat to see Mac lippies lined up!! I have just 6..

  7. awesome post CZ..I have about 21, and I love them all, some a little more than the rest (read RiRi Woo, Ruby Woo, Rebel and Impressive)..I hope to touch 30 by th eend of this year ;) but only if they have some great LE stuff coming in..From the permanent line, I wish to get Diva, Dubbonet, Capricious...

  8. The Pics Are Flat Out Fabulous!! Your Pics Are Now Even More Lovable With Your New Cam! Which Model Did You Get Btw?
    Good Luck With Apt Hunting!

  9. I have just started wearing MAC lipsticks. I bought Lovelorn, Cosmo, Twig and Angel. Then one day, I realised I have lost Cosmo. Just couldn't find it anywhere. I left no stone (or cushion) unturned looking for it but alas! it's gone. Vanished. Poof. I am heartbroken :(

  10. Great pictures and collection!
    Thanks for the ideas for new lippies!
    Girl's temptations

  11. wow...that a lot of MAC lippies ;) Hope you find the apartment of your choice :)

  12. SHAME...I DONT HAVE EVEN A SINGLE !! :P Im Gonna die seeing this collection ...*_* ...Just Wow <3 Shrutika

  13. wow ! what a huge collection you have and i just love the clicks...m started to collect mac lippees but way to go far to touch you :P

  14. OMG!! You have wonderful collection!!

  15. Amazing collection dear ... even I love mac lipsticks ! My recent favourite is Crosswires ! Need to get my hands on few more neutral shades... <3 <3

  16. I have some of them too. I only have 4 MAC lipsticks so I can't choose only one for be my favourite or say what it's the "worst", but I can say that the VIVA GLAM Nicki is the one that I wear less.

  17. Omg! WOW!!

    Lovely blog
    With Love,

  18. You made my day. I was feeling guilty that I have accumulated too much make up and was wondering how I'm gonna use it up all especially lippies are my weakness. I feel little better looking at your collection :) I own 22 mac lipsticks and I love them all except one called 'cherish'.


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