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My Vanity Organizer

Most times when I'm getting ready, about 5-7 minutes are wasted on searching for the products I need. I don't find my eyeshadow black gel eyeliner (you tend to want the one that's not in sight) brow everyday nude-ish do the math.

Then my eyes saw this Vanity Organizer 2 weeks ago while I was looking for a wedding gift. My heart literally skipped a beat, and I gasped. You'd think that type of feeling is exclusively for diamonds & man candy, but not for me- I feel that way about utensils too...shhh.
Ohmigosh, this thing is like a pacifier! It has made my getting-ready time a whole lot calmer. It can hold all my everyday makeup products. I now call it my everyday makeup station....and it is mobile too- I can easily carry it from one room to another (not to mention the terrace, Yes, it shall be with me on a deserted island- after I load it a leetle bit more, of course :)

It has 6 sections:
Top left ~ Foundations, foundation primer, BB Cream.
Top right ~ Brushes, eyelash curler, eyeliner pencils, mascara.
Middle left ~ Eyeshadow Palette (Too Faced Naked Eye), TFSI, Bronzer.
Middle right ~ Compact powder, Blush.
Bottom left ~ Buffer brush, Brow kit, Gel liner
Bottom right ~ Concealers, Lip products

It's by a brand called Interdesign Bathware and named 'Rain Vanity Organizer'
Product Details:
  • This Tiered Vanity Organizer keeps your cosmetic items close at hand.
  • 6 separate sections to organize your items.
  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of items.
  • Keep small bottles of nail polish to larger cosmetics neatly with this Organizer
  • Constructed from clear Resipreme plastic with a Textured Bottom.
  • 4.25 Inch X 8.25 Inch X 6.25 Inch

Price ~ Rs.695. Very good price for this. I was searching for something like this on Ebay, and couldn't find anything similar under a 1000 bucks.

Availability ~ From Home Stop. It is shown on the website here

If you're a scatter-brain like me, it's a MUST-HAVE! 

Have a great week everyone. It feels good to be back :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I also have problems finding my makeup when I want it. I love your new organizer. Very clean and neat looking. :)

  2. Simple and neat. Me liking it :)

  3. I need something like this for my make up... You should decorate the plastic a bit - you know for fun :) add a bow or few dots on it..

  4. Ah, this is such a good idea! But i don't think it would fit all my stuff, i have way too many! xX

  5. This looks soo neatly organized!!! Thanks for sharing Cynthia!!!

  6. Hey cynthia :)
    nice buy girl,,

    simple,cute and damn useful.
    best part being,,you can carry it wherever you want to bring it to,, :)

  7. is that a tommy hilfiger watch? if yes, i've got d same one =)

  8. ha ha...feel like its designed for me!!! luv it. Thanks for posting CZ. :)

  9. thanks for posting CZ..i use something along the same lines-but mine is store all my pen/pencils etc.and lippies.!

  10. Its so cool yaar, thanks a lot for sharing with us...

  11. What I really want is a lipstick organizer, so that I can properly see the labels. As it is it's super hard to find all my lippies. <3

  12. Oh I love organization too! This tray is so great for makeup! I have one too but this seems bigger and I like that the height is angled so both short and tall items can be stored.

  13. nena- will do that when I get some free time maybe :)

    Namita- true...that's the best part hehe


  14. KBB- nah it's a Fossil :)

    KC- Ya the tier definitely makes it more convenient

    Jyoti- glad u like it :D

    Fathima- Ooh I want a revolving one too!!!


  15. I need something like this!!! And I really want the NAKED palette!

    Have a look at my new blog, a bit of Indian and a bit not! Just like yours!!


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