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Cheap & Awesome Makeup Drawer Organizers

How much are you willing to pay for 1 drawer organizer (be it acrylic or plastic)?

Me, no more than Rs.100. Especially when I'd need more than 5.

Which is why I was over the moon when I got these for Rs.50 ($0.8) each! 

I picked up only 4 of them first to test how they'd fit in my drawer. They're perfect, and I needed 10 more for two drawers. 7 in each. I went back to the shop, but they weren't available at the time. 

I got 2 white & 2 grey, coz I wasn't sure which color I wanted. Now I know I want only white.

Other available colors: Black, Pink, Purple, etc.

Bigger sizes are also available in the same design.

They still leave a space in the back of the drawer, where I can neatly line up other things.

These organizers are called 'Lovely Cosmetic Organisers'

There are also some called 'Beta', which have rounded edges. I don't want round edges, coz then they don't align well when placed side by side.

You'll find these in the crockery shops in Lajpat Nagar Market, New Delhi. Maybe online too

What do you think of these? 

Do share if you have drawer organizing tips!

Have a good day, all! Now I'm off to my doctor's appointment. 6 weeks to go!

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  1. I have similar boxes for my vanity brought for INR 20 from a local market and all the best for your appointment

  2. Have same boxes in baby blue shade. such a boon in my drawer. can get my hands onto things which i need in a hurry easily. I have about 8 small boxes and two large once with a covering lid on. I paid 20 bucks for small n 40 for large once in Ahmedabad

  3. i have them too, Cynthia cn u plz make a video of ur makeup collection & organisation

  4. They seem pretty good! I was looking for similar organisers and coincidently I'm on my way to Delhi as I type this! Can you please tell me if these are available at all crockery shops in Lajpat nagar or at any specific one? I'll try and visit Lajpat :D

  5. oh I have these too, I bought two white ones in the same size for Rs50, and I also found some really nice jewellery organisers from Lifestyle for 50% off. I like to store all my nail polishes in these boxes. I also have a bigger pink one which helps me organise all my toiletries.

    Debasree from All She Needs

  6. I Have The Exact Same Ones In Black! I Got Them From "Ranibagh" Place.. Don't Rmber The Cost Though.

    Not Exactly Drawer Storage.. But I Have Two of The Drawers >
    For nail polishes, I made this rack>
    And, to store my rings, I use 2 of these heart shaped boxes >

    Even Getting a Glimpse Of You Makeup Collection Is Like Being Close To Heaven! *_*

  7. These are fantastic, love how they look in your drawer :-)

  8. Wow so inexpensive and looks good too.. i would surely look out for these on weekend :))

  9. Great picks..I found such similar olive green coloured baskets but with a lid in D Mart Pune and that time I did not buy them bcoz I was waiting for my new white wardrobe.. Unfortunately I have not been able to buy them as they have been out of stock till now..I regret not buying it that time...

  10. Looks really cute & perfect for your draw... I use some of the dry fruit boxes that we get during Diwali time to store my earrings & my single eyeshadows

  11. CZ I nominate you to do the closed "open eye" makeup if you know what I mean! :) :)


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