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What's In My Makeup Bag?

If shoes say a lot about a man, then a makeup bag says a lot about a girl, I think. Even if you don't own a very nice looking handbag, a cute little makeup bag can make you feel so much better. It's the heart of a woman's handbag. It has to be pretty. An ugly-looking makeup bag negates the best or expensive makeup products in it. 

This is my makeup bag right now and it's the best one I've ever had (I've had some not-so-pretty ones in the past.)

I adore it! I love the floral design and color combination . Respect to the person who designed/made it. I bought it from that place I went to last year and the year before that (I'm tired of saying it =D) for no more than Rs.400, I think.

There were many so many designs and colors, it was really difficult to decide which one to buy. wish I had bought 1 or 2 more.

So, what do I carry in it?  Well, the bigger things actually go in my handbag, coz I don't want to stuff my little bag and tear it.

  1. Maybelline Angelfit Blushes in Peachy Sweetie & Apricot Velvet ~ A pink & a peach
  2. Maybelline Whitestay UV Compact Powder ~ The most important item of all.
  3. Sigma Princess Grace Kabuki Retractable Brush ~ One portable brush for everything
  4. MAC Chromagraphic Pencil NC15/NW20 ~ I need this for spot concealing & lining my waterline to brighten my eyes
  5. Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder ~ I love this chocolate bronzer so much, and the diary packaging protects it from breaking 

  1. Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio in Nude Ingenue ~ My go-to eyeshadow palette. Small, compact & light. Perfect. 
  2. Maybelline Brow Definist By Eyestudio 02 Brown ~ I've been toting this along since 2009 when I bought it. One on the left is brow wax, and one on the right is a brow powder.
  3. Lotus Kajal (Black) ~ My favorite kajal.
  4. Colorbar I-Glide Pencil Cocobar ~ I use brown pencils everyday, especially on my lower lash line.
  5. The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel ~ To keep brows in place
  6. Maybelline Colossal Volum' Mascara ~ I don't really retouch my mascara, but I need to have one in case of an impromptu trip or something.

  1. Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick #32 ~ Pink
  2. MAC Patisserie ~ My kind of nude
  3. Maybelline Color Sensational Warm Me Up ~ Goes with everything
  4. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care Mandarin ~ Peach
  5. MAC Cremesheen Glass Partial To Pink, Loud & Lovely ~ My favorite lipglosses. PTP goes with everything , L&L is a backup in case I forget to carry a hot pink lippie I'm wearing that day.

  1. YSL Touche Eclat ~ This saves the day when my undereyes look more hollow. I need to finish this soon.
  2. Garnier Pure Pimple Pen ~ For myself and other people- who get pimples and do nothing about it, which drives me crazy!
  3. Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemongrass Fairness Sunscreen SPF 30 ~ New addition. Before I carried Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock.
  4. Skin Foof Coffee Milk Nail Balm ~ I need to use this up too, so I use it on my nails as well as hands (and feet.)

  1. Biore Cleansing Oil in Cotton ~ These are cleansing oil wipes. These come in really handy when I'm makeup shopping and swatching uncountable things on my hands.
  2. Tissues & Cotton Buds ~ I always keep 5-6 cotton buds in there
  3. Himalaya Hand Sanitizer ~ Must-have, for obvious reasons.

  1. Metal Lash Comb ~ In case I need to comb clumpy lashes.
  2. Sharpener ~ Actually I keep one with a cap, which is a lot easier to use on the go, but I misplaced it. Sharpener is a must-have in your makeup bag. Especially when you have a friend/colleague who always likes to borrow your pencil eyeliner. Sharpen it before you use it on yourself.
  3. Tweezerman tweezers ~ Sometimes I don't carry them, which is when I would need them :\ so now I make it a point to always have them with me.
  4. Scholl Nail File ~ I love this filer, though I'm looking for a cute shorter one (maybe not coz it makes a great self-defense tool too). You don't know how many people have caught me filing a chip nail on my jeans zipper. Imagine that ;)
  5. Anna Sui Heart-shaped Mirror ~ This is my FAVORITE. Mirrors on both sides- one magnifying. It's discolored ad has marks, but I don't care, coz it is a survivor. I've dropped it so many times but didn't break, it's always in my cramped makeup bag but all the crystals and stones are still intact. I bought it many years ago from Bangkok.

Some people call me high maintenance because I have to carry that much with me, but they are also the ones who come ask me for stuff. Now that's just pot calling kettle black =D

What do you think are must-haves in a makeup bag? I feel like I'm missing something.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Great stuff Cynthia!! thanks for sharing...that bag is lovely <3

  2. love the contents of your bag! and the super cute bag too :)

  3. This vanity case is the most gorgeous thing I've seen in months :)))

  4. haha my make-up bag in my purse is the exact oposite. I have one Dior powder foundation and 500 lipsticks/glosses.

  5. grt collection Cynthia :D and the bag is so cute :)
    the bronzer looks like a chocolate bar.. hee hee hee

  6. Lovely Makeup Bag ... I loved each stuff and how you interestingly choose & adore them..

  7. Great post :) now i am tempted to something like this

  8. uff.. I just love ur posts, and the way you write. I am always giggling when i read ur posts, you should think about writing Cynthia. Really. Great stuff.!!

  9. Great stuff.
    I love this LOTUS KAJAL.
    Thanks for sending me this amazing product..whenever i try this reminds me of you my darling :)
    This is the best kajal i have ever tried

  10. I really SHOULD start carrying make up around with me. = O

  11. Love the bag and the lace detail...looks adorable :)

  12. Cynthia! Yaaay! I tote a lot of stuff around too -but I don't carry a nail file; I like the pouch and I agree, Maybelline Color Sensational in Warm Me Up is a great shade - I have it too! :)

  13. Omg Cynthia you carry so much stuff around!! But all them are just amazing. & filing nails on the zipper??? That must have been some scene! I loved this post!

  14. Eli- Thanks! :)

    Ginger- aww...ur too kind! Thank u..ur the first one to tell me that. Most of the time I don't know what I'm writing hehe

    Raey- lol...ya it's some scene. Thanks


  15. I don't like carrying arnd much stuff. My bare essentials are-
    -Neutrogena ultrasheer dry touch sunscreen
    -Kajal/brown eye pencil, whichever i'm wearing
    -couple of safety pins
    -headache medicines
    -whatever Lippie i'm wearing
    -hand sanitizer
    -a face wash (if it's a long day outdoors)
    -and for some reason i always carry a big hankie with me too! :D

  16. Silverstargirl- Ur very welcome...n U won it...and I'm happy u like it as much as I do :)

    aoyv- 500??!!! wow

    Kas- yay! glad to hear that ;)


  17. Eveolution- ya it smells sweet too :D

    shrutilaya- u should lol


  18. Im soooooooooooo loving ur bag..:)

  19. My must have are blotting papers I think

  20. love ur pretty bag !! N u carry all the stuff !!
    filing a chipped nail on jeans zipper !! :D :D

  21. Nice post :)

    Do you carry fragrance around? I guess that doesn't really count as makeup...

    I carry a hairbrush, deo, perfume, some rubber bands for my hair, a compact, a Stila travel palette, philosophy lip gloss, moisturizer and sunscreen. Now that it is almost summer I will have to carry blotting paper.

  22. haha no, not 500...but close :P Point was I have wayyy too many for what i need :P

  23. pinkladybug- wow thanks for sharing! :). Oh ya I forgot comb haha..
    Yes, I need safety pins too. Hanky? lol, why not?! It's very handy


  24. sunayana- Not perfume really, a roll-on coz I find it more refreshing. Ya I'm looking for blotting sheets, but haven't found them here. Thanks for sharing :)


  25. ish- ya they are a must have

    bhumika- ya...hahaha

    aoyv- oh ok hehe...same here


  26. where DID you buy that bag?? its uh-doooorable! Me want one too!!

  27. Cynthia.. Where we can get that Skin food nail balm..Could you plz provide me the details..


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