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New Cosmetic Organizer Tray

A recent find that I'm absolutely in love (lob!) with is this organizer. Don't mistake it for those acrylic 'Made In China' ones. This one says it is Made in Taiwan. The quality is top-notch! Super clear, shiny & thick, much much better than the 24 Lipstick Holder I got from Ebay (Remember that? Posted here). I was over the moon when I found it in a shop, that too amongst many other designs/types!

I have not thought about what I want to keep in it, so I just arranged random things for now just to show you how they look.

  ~ 1 long-ish square for brushes, pencils, etc (Lip Crayons)
~ 12 lipstick holders
~ 1 rectangular space for bigger things (Nail Polishes)
~ Medium square in the center (Jewelry, perfume)
~ 2 small squares on the right side (Lip glosses & makes a nice space for a blender sponge)
~ Narrow compartment in the front where you can put small palettes, blushes & small jewelry (earrings, rings, brooch)

The box. It's called Eva-320 Lipstick Holder. Basically, the brand is Eva.

Price ~ MPR is Rs.1300, but I got 15% off, so it came to about Rs.1100. It's quite okay, coz I've looked online, and similar ones cost no less than Rs.1500.

From ~ A crockery shop in Lajpat Nagar Market, New Delhi.

You might find it online. Just google.

The shop also had a drawer design, which looked like this......

......but I found it too small. Maybe 6 inches wide. Very little would fit in each drawer + it didn't match its price of around Rs.1500

I have been looking for something bigger, and I'm hoping I'll find one in Lajpat, so I wouldn't have to resort to Ebay, where they're more pricey.

As you can see lately, I can't get enough of Lajpat Nagar Market. I've come to think that it may EVERYTHING I need. I just have to visit every shop one day =D

Okies, now I gotta go watch the match!

Who else is watching the Fifa World Cup right now?

Me, #TeamSpain - Always.

But where the hell is David Villa???!!! Whole day I was waiting! =|

Oh, gosh! Netherlands just scored again! I can't.......

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  1. amazing find. im drooling Cynthia

  2. cynthia pls check this link :) you are spoiling me with new ideas.i want every thing that you buy ^_^ ♡♥ Sonia.S

  3. I Too Have The Same! :D I Keep My Daily Makeup Products in It and Some Jewellery
    I Found it In a Shop At Metro Statio.
    The Owl Brooch is So Cute! I Have Never Seen a More Cute Looking Owl.. Can You Plz Tell Where Is it From?

  4. Its Soooooo Beautiful ..u have decorated so well..!! me too supporting the team love the country ..and David Villa :( missed the match ..i like gerard pique too !! :-) <3 Shrutika

  5. can u mention the exact shop ? and also where else in south delhi u feel it might be available

  6. Looks so nice! I want one of those for my vanity, but I do not think it will look nice on my vanity >.<

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  7. this is great stuff, i also want this :)

  8. I have been wanting to pick up a cosmetic organizer for myself as well...may b little bigger... :)

  9. Organizers are a must have in every girl's life. And you've done the fantastic job of finding one that's not flimsy. It's an achievement Cynthia

  10. hey can you tell me were did u buy the blender sponge and how much did it cost please


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