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LOTD: PINK Everything Feat. NYX Addis Ababa

The title looks like some trance song, no?
 But it just about Pinkness today. It felt really good indulging in pink again - after I outgrew it a little bit for a while, because of mint green!

Speaking of pink, I have a story for you. A true story. I know this man.
Man fell down. Either he slipped or fell off a stepladder.
(I forgot how exactly after I heard the punchline.)
He was in agony, so he was rushed to a hospital.
The doctors/nurses confirmed that man had dislocated (or fractured) his hip.
So they had to take off his pants. Obviously.
To everyone's amusement, man was wearing pink floral panties.
His wife's!

Okay, let's not judge the poor guy. Maybe he just ran out of clean underwear.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Addis Ababa ~ At first I kept calling it Addis Adaba. It's a silky soft matte fuchsia lip cream & I'm in love with it. The texture and finish is very very similar to Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream. I picked it up from Sephora. If you missed it, you can check out my haul post here.
I applied just 1 coat here. It's got a little bit of shimmer, which can only be noticed up close.

Primark Sleep In Rollers ~ By the time I took off the rollers, my scalp was sweating coz it's so hot and humid here. But they did pump up the volume - considering I did not use any volumizing mousse or hairspray.

For now, please bear with my hair. The brassiness and dark roots. I can't color it again till after Baby CZ arrives - November, most probably. Can't.Wait.

Hello Kitty Mug ~ I got this from Lajpat Nagar Market (again hahaha!) 
 I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It's huge & comes with a plastic lid. It's meant for noodles & soup too. Price: Around Rs.250. It's also available in red color with a different Hello Kitty print

Nail Polish ~ Maybelline Color Show Constant Candy.

Which World Cup team are you supporting?

I don't know whom to support anymore after Spain. I started supporting Mexico, just because I thought their coach was hilarious =D

Tonight, I'm rooting for Argentina & Netherlands.

Okies, Happy Weekend! =)


  1. aww you look gorgeous.. much love.. i had this lipcream in ant werp :)

  2. Haha, I love the thought bubble mentioning "why was was he wearing his wife's underwear"
    And you look so pretty in pink, Cynthia :)

  3. Aww CZ this post was adorable, it really cheered me up! =)
    That mug looks super useful, though I don't drink tea or coffee frequently I like such big mugs :P
    Nice to see that sleep in rollers work, will get them soon now! ;)
    Also please mention from where you got that mirror (on the stand behind you!) :D

  4. You are looking like so pretty CZ.Can you let we know these rollers are from which brand.

    1. I wrote it there Piu- from Primark! :)


  5. Please mention complete list of products used for the look I love ur eye make up

  6. OMG Cynthia your lips look so hot. Love the colour and your cuteness.

  7. I love everything about Your look- make up, nails, hair! Amazing! nd Your little mirror and Hello Kitty mug (perfect for morning coffee!!!) I want them!!!

  8. Cynthia, lip cream is gorgeous, you are looking like a diva ! your eyemakeup, mug, mirror, rollers are fabulous.

  9. Which camera do u use for pictures ??? dey are amazing

  10. Looking pretty as usual... loved the post..

  11. Perfectly gorgeous like a doll!!! pink is so your color... love the post!!


  12. what is the outfit you are wearing, it is all stamped with lip marks. I like it :)

  13. wow ..because its matte its calling out to me....i was at sephoras in France and searched for NYX....they had more inclination towards European brands. This color is just wow and u look impeccable.

  14. This colour looks amazing on you!!


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