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Unboxing Mail....

Like A Boss.

Have you met my Nici Lion? Mr.CZ gifted him to me years ago, and now he lives in my room. He looks so relaxed & lazy with his wobbly legs when I lay him on the rug, that he reminds me of myself these days =D

Today, I sat with him & we unboxed some goodies that came in the mail.

The Body Shop Strawberry Range ~ Body Butter, Shower Gel & Body Mist.

Maybelline Colossal Box ~ A cute 3-tier box with some Colossal products.

Blonde Wig & Weaving Cap from Ebay ~ Waited weeks for this!

Have A Good Day, Everyone! =)

Thank You for reading & talk again soon.


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  1. I have been coveting the TBS strawberry Range yet havent gotten around to buying it .. :( .. btw Blonde wig? Why?

    1. Hope you get it soon Suchitra! Wig is for a makeup look I'll be doing :)


  2. Lion is a cutie! Tell us more about goodies in the boxes, please :)

  3. That wig reminds me of Elsa from Frozen. I know it's a kids' movie but you've got to watch it CZ! I can tell you will love it. And then use the wig for an Elsa inspired makeup tutorial. Pleasee? :)

    1. I think CZ actually did get it for that.. :D An Elsa Inspired look.. :D


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