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Apartment Hunting

What  we want:

  • It has to be brand new (more contemporary)
  • 3-4 bedrooms.
  • It has to be bright with floor-length windows. One occupant is always with camera =D
  • It has to have a cute kitchen. Preferably white.
  • It has to have a jacuzzi or tub in at least 1 of the bathrooms.
  • Lots of storage space.
  • Wooden flooring in bedrooms, at least.
  • Balconies have to be spacious.

Below are pics of what we've seen so far. The first 4 are brand new apartments. All have servant rooms with attached bathroom.

APARTMENTS 1: These are 2 similar apartments in the same vicinity only different blocks

1st Apartment
I didn't click many pics of this one, coz I wasn't sure if it was allowed at first, and there were too many people near me most of the time, including the owner. But you can get an idea from pics of other ditto apartment below
All bedroom have big doors like that. Balconies that big in ALL the rooms! Lots of cupboards.

Opposite the master bathroom: Huge closet with double sliding doors. They were fixing that wall, that's why it looks like a big wolf.

2nd Apartment
Now the next pics are of the other ditto apartment.....
 Entrance: On the right, near the front door, is a powder room &
a bedroom

Living & dining room: That's one of our property agents, white coat and all he's wearing =D

Kitchen: Similar to APARTMENT 2, but the layout is different
See in 1st pic, those long drawers are on the right side.
Basically, I LOVE white kitchens! I prefer them to dark wood types.


Another Bedroom

And for the USP of both the above apartments.....

HUGE balconies! This is one, there's another one just like it near the kitchen on the opposite side! Exactly what we wanted. Light all over the house. All the other balconies look like cages!

APARTMENT 2 "Penthouse"
Entrance: What's that supposed to be? Those panels.To place vases and plants? I have no idea.
Next to it is a powder room.

Why they call it a "Penthouse"? Because those stairs lead to a terrace....
Unless we're planning to maybe try growing some things up there, we're not interested =D

All windows are made like that, bedrooms & living room.

Kitchen is quite dark

Other CONS: Outside, lobby, lifts are in horrible condition! Poorly maintained.


Living room. First turn off: the size of the window/balcony. Second turn off: those lights that change from blue to purple to pink =\
Included: Double door Fridge, Oven, Washing Machine, Dishwasher. 

All bedrooms come with these white closets


This one looked lived-in. Look at the floor there, some water seepage, or something.

Bathrooms are in terrible condition

So are the balconies

That's it for now. We're liking the 1st of the APARTMENTS 1, so far. We were hoping for a higher floor, but there's nothing on the market right now, bummer. So we are basically set on that one. Also very tired of seeing more, and travelling in the car back and forth for 2 hours every time. #DelhiToGurgaon
We saw 2 apartments today, including one which is considered the most "Posh", but the apartment was very similar to APARTMENT 3, but just a little bigger. It also had the same white cupboards, only bigger. But again, the balconies are small and squarish like cages. It's our Option 2 at the moment, but I hope it won't come to that.

Okies, will post an update when things are finalized. How did you find my favorite with the white kitchen & huge balconies? I'm already googling White Fridge (with floral design maybe) MATCHING! =D


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  1. The first few pics seem to be of DLF Park Place or Park Heights in Gurgaon :) ... love those appmts .. I might be wrong though!

  2. The first apartment looks awesome... Go for it...

  3. Wow Delhi has awesome apartments. Ive been looking for an apartment in Mumbai and its been a month I still havent found anything.

  4. Hey CZ I love the first appartment ,looks like 'The Verandas' in Gurgaon on the Golf course road.And i believe the last one is 'Belmonte' appartments.

  5. Hey CZ, loved the first one...the kitchen looks humongous cz of those light colored walls...go for it :)

  6. Well lemme guess its on d golf course road.. dats whr my ofc is ;)

  7. Apartment #1 seems to be the perfect one for you. :)
    If it were up to me, I'd pick the second apartment, the one with the rooftop garden or whatever that is. I don't have a green thumb but I'd love to learn simple gardening and have my own little vegetable garden with tomatoes and mint and spring onions! Or grow flowers, depending on the season. :) And *ahem* I might even grow some of the "things" as you mentioned.. profitable side-business. :P And a rooftop garden is an amazing place to kick back with a cup of tea and a nice book (both of which I LOVE!) or just chill in the sun.


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