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Red Matte Lipsticks ~ Comparison

Following my post on L'Oreal Lincoln Rose (here), I've had a few requests to compare it to MAC Ruby Woo. So, I decided to include the other 3 red matte lippies that I've got in this post:

MAC Ruby Woo (Retro Matte), Rs.990 ~ Reviewed here

MAC RiRi Woo (Retro Matte), Rs.990 ~ Swatched here
*MAC Ruby Woo & RiRi Woo are practically twins. You'd be happy with either. I've compared them in this post
Maybelline Superstay Non-Stop Red, Rs.549 ~ This costs the least. I've swatched other shades from this range here.

L'Oreal Moist Matte Lincoln Rose, Rs.899 ~ Swatched here
Inglot Matte Crayon #21, Rs.680   ~ Swatched before here
MAC Ruby Woo, MAC RiRi Woo, Maybelline Superstay Non-Stop Red, L'Oreal Matte Moist Lincoln Rose, Inglot Lip Crayon #21

MAC Ruby Woo, MAC RiRi Woo, Maybelline Superstay Non-Stop Red, L'Oreal Matte Moist Lincoln Rose, Inglot Lip Crayon #21

You can't compare MAC Ruby Woo with L'Oreal Lincoln Rose. They are so different. Ruby Woo is much deeper and more pigmented than Lincoln Rose. 

Ruby Woo or Lincoln Rose? I'd pick Ruby Woo, without a doubt. Ruby Woo is one red lipstick that you absolutely must own in your lifetime.

If I had to pick only 2 out of the 5: MAC Ruby Woo & L'Oreal Lincoln Rose.

Same-Same ~ MAC Ruby Woo & RiRi Woo, of course. L'Oreal Lincoln Rose & Maybelline Non-Stop Red look very very similar.

Skip: Inglot Lip Crayon 21. I love these, but sharpening them is a pain if you don't have a sharpener specially designed for them. I've broken the head of the other shade I got.


Hope this post helped you if you were confused which one to get!

 Which is your favorite matte red lipstick?


  1. So many people have told me to get Ruby Woo! And the swatch looks beautiful. I really want it now.

  2. riri woo and ruby woo are identical (?)

  3. Thank you so much Cynthia. Even though you have always recommend ruby woo but I bought Russian red, it suits my complexion a lot , I am NC40. Ruby woo is more dry and slightly bright. Rates have been revised,its no longer for 990/- !! Also I found maple mocha of loreal ( same range as Lincoln rose) to be dupe of Mac retro ,I just bought!!! I felt duped :/ . I am buying linclon rose !! Ty ♡♥ Sonia S.

  4. Ya..Ruby Woo n Lincoln Rose are way different...infact i see a pink undertone in
    Lincoln Rose.

  5. I love red lipsticks but for no reason I don't feel comfortable with them :(

  6. i love red lippe. they look so hot :)

  7. While I personally prefer deeper shades of red, your choices are stunning.


  8. OOo...I love all of them, they all beautiful and I love how they are neutral reds! I totally must try ruby woo!

  9. I'm just so in Loooove with L'Oreal Lincoln Rose <3<3 :D

    Good job Loreal!

  10. Wow! This was a much a needed post. Lincoln Rose and Non Stop Red look so similar.

  11. The Maybelline one looks like a good dupe for Lincoln Rose! I'm probably going to get the Maybelline one instead of Lincoln Rose now.

  12. great post, these kinda help in deciding the shade one wants to get. Though i have ruby woo i somehow want riri woo still!! lol....
    omg... that inglot crayon needs sharpening?? I love a twisty crayons anyday
    btw can you do a post on lip crayons sometime...

  13. Is Lincoln Rose similar to Ronnie Red and Mac Red? I have both those and was wondering if i should also get Loreal Lincoln Rose.

  14. MAC ruby woo is the bestest red lipstick in the world without a doubt. I think Lincoln rose is a tad bit expensive for its pigmentation and texture. If I am paying that much, I would pick up a MAC anyday.

  15. Ruby woo and Riri woo are both so very pretty red lip colors that is a must try. Wearing these kinds of lipsticks will def make anyone look hot and sexy.


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