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I have a vivid memory of one shopping trip I had at Debenhams in Dundee (Scotland). I was at the YSL counter- lost in lipstick swatching, and then I heard 2 women chatting with the (my) YSL SA about 3 feet from where I was standing: "........from INGLOT.......yes......for my good.....hehe....." Suddenly my mind was *alert* and I looked up. The 2 women were of Indian or Middle Eastern origin, I wasn't sure. From what I understood, one of them just got engaged & the wedding date was approaching. I struggled with a thought- Should I? Interrupt them like a nosy person? Nah, I shouldn't. I'll just google. Ahh....I gots to know!
I walked towards them & pretended to ask the YSL SA something about the lipstick I was holding, and then I casually added: "Inglot is here in Dundee?" Luckily, I didn't get weird/annoyed looks. They told me it's only in Aberdeen, another small city about 1 hour away from Dundee.
The point of my story is, not many cities are lucky enough to have Inglot. In India, it is available in about 8 cities! It's not a store you can live without once you've had a taste (bite?) of it.
I had gone to the store in Select City Walk Mall (New Delhi) last Friday, and had such a fun time customizing palettes and oggling at all the nail polishes (My God, I want them ALL!!!) Just wanted to share the pics I took inside the store.....
Inglot Berry Collection

Inglot Colour Play Collection

Inglot Colour Play Nail Polishes

Inglot Nail Polishes ~  Azure Collection (top row), Summer Collection (bottom row)

Inglot Lipsticks & Lip Glosses

Inglot Eyeshadow Freedom System ~ Customize your own eyeshadow palette! Check out some I've created:10 Square here, 5 Square here, 4 Square here, 5 Round here

 Inglot Pure Pigment Eyeshadows ~ Love these! I've tried & swatched a few here & here

Inglot Nail Polishes ~ No Toluene, No Formaldehyde, No Camphor

Will show you what all I picked up during this visit in another blog post!

Inglot India is on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Hope you all had a great weekend. Last night, we watched this thriller movie, Anna, and it was pretty good. Ending might confuse you a bit, but it was like a page-turner.

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  1. Oh I agree whole-heartedly. Once you get a taste of Inglot you miss it so bad when you move to place where there is no Inglot! Anyways...I used to live in UAE earlier, where we had many Inglots...and then I moved to Canada where the only Inglot is in Montreal! Like all other cool European brands! Oh how i miss Inglot...and Mango...and mothercare...and M&S and Debenhams...and I am homesick!

  2. Since u tempted me with your new book first , most likely inglot has lost a customer (me) :p

  3. Recently, Inglot SAs here [Chennai] are being very rude and blunt and I have been hearing a lot of it from others too :( Till then even I used to have fun getting lost swatching and trying products :)

  4. I can'y wait to shop at Inglot on my next trip to Milan. I live in France and there is no Inglot here !

    Pin-Up Jet Blog

  5. I love love love Inglot :D

  6. they have such amazin nail shades!

  7. Happy birthday Cynthia Di ..lots of love and hugs may god bless you <3 :* Shrutika

    1. Thank You so much Shrutika! <333 Hugs


  8. OMG!!! I see lots of great products. I love Inglot. I love their products. I super love their formula. I wanna visit this store too.


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