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Lakme Perfect Radiance Multi-Mineral Skin Lightening Compact

Lakmé presents Perfect Radiance Multi Mineral Skin Lightening Compact in extension to their Perfect Radiance range. Available in 6 Shades designed specially for Indian skin tones by Lakmé’s Make up Expert, Cory Wallia
  • It protects you from sun darkening and damage with SPF 20*, UVA/ UVB
  • Flawlessly covers all signs of darkening with the goodness of Multi-Minerals
  • Vitamin B3 is a skin lightening compound that visibly lightens skin tone and helps reduce intensity of blemishes and dark spots
  • Gives you a radiant pearlescent glow with Brightening Pearls

Priced at Rs.150/-
Available at all leading lifestyle stores

I saw these at Westside the other day, and they looked nice. They're affordable a Rs.150 & the packaging is so pretty. But I didn't buy it because I was kinda pissed at the SA. A story I will tell you in another post.

♥Cynthia Z


  1. Haaha! Hi5
    i do the same when there is an annoying SA
    some of them are designed to drive you away from purchasing

  2. ahhh don get me started on the Sas... they are so irritating sometimes.. even ive skipped buying a few times coz of them and once i told her dat its because of u im not buying .. haha

  3. Hi Cynthia!.
    Listen a quick question about joys store on ebay.what payment method di u use? paypal or credit acrd?

  4. Annoying SA's can really screw up a nice shopping experience. =\ I would've done the same.

  5. Pnb- Paypal, always

    SnC- Yes they really doo =\


  6. whoa so now even lakme is out with mineral compact..n the price is super cheap.but its quite similar to maybelline white stay with the spf & whitening thingy..n even the price is same!

  7. I really want this! I quite like Lakme's base make-up.

  8. hi gals am a bit confussed wheather to buy lakme mineral compact ot maybeline white stay with the spf and whitening thing...I mean product wise which is better if the price is more or less the same.. waiting for ur Star


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