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Lakme Fruit Blast Pear Butter Deep Hydrating Mask Review

Pear Butter Deep Hydrating Mask with Pear & Shea Butter ~ Rescue and rejuvenate rough, flaky skin with pears and pure shea butter. Formulated for deep cleansing and intense hydration, this mask complements any skin care routine. Soft, buttery yet grainy textured pears are rich in vitamin C and K that help revitalize your skin. Shea butter helps moisturise the skin, promoting cell renewal.

  • It is like a thick moisturizer, so it's very easy to massage it into the skin.
  • Did not break me out
  • Comes in a yellow squeeze tube- hygienic & pretty
  • Inexpensive
  • Smells nice and fruity. I like pears.
  • Because of the greasy feel of the mask, I have to rinse my face too thoroughly for fear of it blocking my pores and causing pimples. This results in my face feeling really dry, tight and thirsty for some moisture afterwards. 
* I think it is best suited for dry skin, that's not prone to breakouts (pimples)

How to use:
Apply evenly & massaged into skin in a gentle circular motion avoiding eye area

Rinse with water after 15 mins


This mask didn't do anything special to my skin. I'd rather massage a moisturizer that looks and feels the same, but doesn't need to be rinsed off, any day. I prefer water-based face masks or mud/powder masks, period. But those with dry/very dry skin might feel differently and even love this mask.

Price ~ Rs.150

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclosure: The product in this post was sent to me by PR for consideration. Honest review, as always.


  1. You are right! I have dry skin & did like it a lot. It is a bit greasy so oily skinned gals will not like it :)

  2. Tanveer- Ya I guessed u would coz u have dry skin :)


  3. Very helpful. I was wondering how this would turn out to be Cynthia

  4. I felt the same that it's like a thick moisturizer.

  5. I have very very dry skin and i loved it..its very moisturizing and leaves my skin very soft afterwards..

  6. Overall I like this mask and this tube would last me all winters. I use it thrice a week. I any day prefer using it over mud based masks and I’d continue using it through out winters.

  7. I love face-masks, this sounds too good!

  8. Pity it's nothing too special. The name Fruit Blast sounded so promising, but the pear scent must be awesome! :D


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