The 'Secret' I Add In Foundations

"The best things are discovered by accident."
~ Anonymous.


When that quote becomes popular, I'm gonna say "I'm Anonymous! I'M ANONYMOUS!!!" (I my head, I'm running after people who are not listening to me....and then I stumble & fall on my face.)

BUT I probably won't, because it's so.....it's so.....it's so! Let's just leave it at that.

Now on to topic:
 I have been fighting dry patches on my skin for a while (again!) On the tip of my chin & center of forehead mostly. So, I was hunting for "watery" skin care products. I stumbled upon my 'secret' product while Googling. 

It is the L'Oreal Hydrafresh Mask-In Lotion.

Made with Grape Polyphenols + French Spa Water & Double Hyaluronic Acid. This lotion is basically a toner, essence & mask in one.
It has a slimy texture, somewhat like pure undiluted Glycerin, but not as sticky. It tastes a lil' sweet like Glycerin too ;p (I was curious!) On the ingredients list, Glycerin is the 2nd ingredient after Aqua/Water.

One hectic morning, I realized I'd forgotten to moisturize my skin before applying foundation. I just knew my foundation will look patchy. Without even thinking twice, I put a few drops of it on my hand and applied it to my face together with my foundation. It blended well & I was amazed at how healthy/glowy my skin looked! Dewy, if you prefer. My dry patches feel like skin again.

For summer, especially scorching Indian summer, this way works better for my combination skin, as opposed to a creamy/oily type of foundation, because this lotion is more watery -if that makes sense.  What I mean is, the oily parts of my face wouldn't look greasy.

 Now I add it in all my face products, including BB & CC Creams too. Of course I use it alone as well, and it has replaced my other creams atm.

I also got the L'Oreal Hydrafresh Night Mask-in Jelly, that comes in a pink glass jar, and I have been really liking using that too. 


To readers in Nepal, I hope you & your family are all alright and weren't affected by the earthquake. It's heartbreaking to see the places and lives it has wrecked.

When the earthquake passed our city on Saturday, Mr.CZ & I were changing Ziizayne's diaper (Yes, the No.2 has to be tackled by 2!) I still wasn't feeling my best, so I thought my head was spinning. I said I felt like fainting. Mr.CZ said, "Ya, me too!"
That's when we realized it's an earthquake. Our apartment is high up, so it's so scary!
Let's pray it won't happen again.

Talk again soon!


  1. wow ! this seems so good would definitely grab this one :)

  2. I feel your pain with dry skin! I'm canadian and we have really harsh winters so I'm definitely going to check this stuff out! If you want another life saver to check out try hydraluron gel by indeed labs! It's been a skin saver for me. BTW I love checking in on your blog every now and again! I hope you're adjusting to mommy life! It's love at first sight isn't it! Have at great day!

  3. I Just Bought These a Month Back n Have Been Loving Them. I Was Going To Review Them This Week.
    I'll Try Your Secret Now! :)
    Watching That Was Very Heart Breaking. Just Reminds Us Of How Much Thankful We Should Be In Our Life

  4. I was really curious about that mask in lotion, I think there's a new version of it - Pink bottle. Does it work well as a mask also ?

  5. I just need something like this and you have reviewed it in the right time, going to get it fast

  6. I too have some dry patches around my mouth and chin while the rest of my skin is combination. The Vichy Aqualia Serum 10 has worked wonders for me.

  7. Where did you buy it from CZ? Sounds like something my skin will drink up. haha

  8. Just the kind of product I need! Will definitely try it, I have been facing dry patches around the nose area specially. Thanks :)

  9. I do this sort of thing all the time! When I wear foundation I will often mix it with a little moisturizer or sunblock. Kill two birds with one stone!


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