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Best Buys & Bargains Feat. A Makeup/Jewelry Organizer

Hi Everyone! Hope you're all doing good. Where have I been? I took a break from the internet. Detox. I hope my posts this week will make up for the slack these last couple of weeks - starting with this penny-saving post! You know SALE Season is on full swing here in Delhi, and although I haven't specially gone sale shopping yet, I stumbled on a few bargains. These are some of the things that I thought might interest you snazzy lot.....

Deborah Milano 2-in-1 Long Lasting Eyeshadow With Primer ~ 50% OFF at Lifestyle. From Rs.450, so Rs.225 each . There are more shades available, but only these 2 shades were on sale - #4 Purple, #9 Gunmetal. They are cream eyeshadows. The texture is similar to the Bourjois Color Edition 24HR Cream Eye Shadows.

Street Wear Color Rich Nail Polish in Dragonfly Green ~ Only Rs.60. I just wanted to include this, coz I heart this shade, and this entire range of nail polishes. Swatched here

Vero Moda Georgette Ruffle Dress in Festival Fuchsia ~ 70% OFF! From Rs.2695 to Rs.809. It's also available in a pale minty/pistachio green. For reference, my size is XS. I see it's sold on Jabong too - here.

Jewelry/Makeup Organizer ~ 40% OFF! 
Original price: Rs.1400, 
SALE Price: Rs.882. 
Even on Ebay, you will not get this for lesser than Rs.1500-2000.

From: Lifestyle Home Centre. There are many many types available & on discount right now, including those open tray types like the one I got last time - posted here.

Cosmopolitan Magazine July '14 Issue: I enjoyed reading this issue. Career Series topic this month - If You Want To Work With A Beauty Brand.

And if you did not see me post this on Instagram.....

I find this so hilarious! I can imagine the same thing happening to me, coz I've tripped/fallen or embarrassed myself several times in front of cute boys in the past =D

Let me know if you're going to pick up any of these for yourself.
Would also love to know YOUR best buys & bargains!

Okies, now I gotta go munch on Baby CZ's favorite snack - Toast & Mixed Fruit Jam. For like 6-7 years I'd forgotten about jam, and now I have to eat it


  1. Hahah cz I dont if I should be saying this but u have to try
    monaco biscuit sandwich with mixed fruit jam
    I mean just spread jam between two biscuit ..
    yummmmmmm hhaha
    baby cz will love me :)
    n if u eat soaked almonds
    hmmmmm try adding a tb.sp or two of boosts or bournvita n wet soaked almonds

    I am wondering why m writing all this here ?
    plsssss feel free to kill me xoxo :)

    1. I do eat soaked almonds every morning Rash...M-I-L's & F-I-L's advise :))
      I like eating Monaco with cheese instead coz they are salty :D

      Thanks for the tips. More are always welcome! :D


  2. Hi CZ!!! i have been looking almost daily to see of u have posted something!!! :-D

    All these seem like a super bargain buy!! Loooooovvveee the dress!!

    N oh toast n jam?? In my first trimester, I craved McD burgers...Only McD ones...KFC or any other won't do!! Lol!! ;)

  3. 'I don't know if'

    n yaaaa liked everything u picked
    n even I want that organiser asap.:)

  4. Fuchsia outfit is really gorg and I liked the organizer, worth the money x

  5. Love your dress Cynthia ! Fuchsia is one of my fav colour !! Infact I am dying to have a bright fuchsia nail paint, any recommendation pls? You got some great deals :) I rarely find anthing worthy during sale period. Even during sale I end up buying from fresh stock. I bought a gardener's hand cream from crabtree n evelyn. Havent started using as yet. Also as per your recommendation , I requested someone to get me your fav clean n clear yellow scrub from abroad but erroneously she bought clean n clear facewash ( green one ) anyway something is better than nothing :D yesterday , I also bought newly launched loreal hair spa shampoo conditioner and hair oil .these are my latest purchase in beauty products. Hope u like my choice :) missed you Cynthia ... but you needed a detox ♡♥♡♥

  6. That fuchsia dress is adorable!
    Already got that organizer :) Now I will grab this cosmopolitan issue :) Happy shopping Cynthia :)

  7. Nice! Hope that makeup organizer is still in stock

  8. Thanks for the details dear.. I am gonna get that Mkeup organizer for me and those creamyeye shadows too.. 50% that's huge <3..

    I have been falling for fuschia again.. Such a pretty dress.. U will look fab.. Would be waiting for ur looks post.. :)

    I Have been loving jams lately.. Looking for options other than kissan .. Any one u will recommend??..

    1. I also have Kissan only. Want Raspberry Jam & I see Nature's Basket keeping some, so might try those :)


  9. I loved that organizer..and find me and Magali in this month's Cosmo..check the Kaya event :)

  10. Thats surely a super buy....the dress on 70% off is a steal.

  11. Interesting post. Loved the fuschia dress and that makeup organizer is simply awesome!! Keep posting Cynthia!

  12. I so want that organizer....I had cravings for Batasha, that too the pink ones only ;)

  13. Love your organizer ..! from where did you get it this cheap..i will buy one too !!


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