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My Review In Cosmopolitan Magazine ~ Lakmé CC Cream

As I've mentioned here, I'm part of Cosmo Beauty Panel, a group of 17 people who'll be reviewing the newest products that hit shelves for Cosmopolitan India. One of my first set of reviews was featured in last month's (October) issue, and it's of India's first CC Cream - Lakmé CC Cream.
About  Lakmé CC Cream: A complexion care cream with SPF 20 that protects, moisturizes, brightens, evens tone, conceals & freshens.

Available in 2 shades- Beige & Bronze. I've been using Beige.
I said: "It evened out my skin tone, which has underlying hyperpigmentation (melasma), but wasn't thick enough to conceal spots. While it lasts all day, it requires a bit of powder in top so skin doesn't look oily."
Below are some swatches to complete my review.......

Lakmé CC Cream Beige Swatch

Lakmé CC Cream Beige Swatch ~ Blended

I like that the cream is thick and not runny. The texture is almost the same as most BB Creams.  I find it to be a fantastic undereye brightener too, as it has that peachy-cum-yellow undertone, and I sometimes apply extra just under my eyes and skip concealer.

The only problem I have with Lakmé CC Cream is, it can get patchy when I wear it under some foundations. The same happens when I layer it. So....I'd say don't bother it when it has set on your skin. Other than that, it's a really nice pocket-friendly cream that makes skin look more lively, and it has a distinctive fresh fragrance - somewhat lemongrass-ey, I think, similar to Lakmé Absolute White Intense Skin Cover.

Price ~ Rs.250

My Rating:

Some of my reviews on other products have been featured in this month's issue of Cosmopolitan India, as well. I've received A LOT of products from Cosmo, it's crazy! =D
For those outside India, I recently came to know Cosmo has a digital version, you can read the details here. Don't know if they accept international credit cards, though. If they don't then you can try Magzter, the one I've already subscribed to.


  1. It gets patchy sometimes for me!! >_< Nice review and clicks r lovely :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha! At first I was like 'what crown is she talking about?' :D Now I look at it and I see what you see.
      Truth: unintentional and just a random swatch :D


  3. I really like your review. You're the only one that spoke about any problems you had with the CC cream which is important in reviews.

  4. Ohh now i know. I always thought it smelled familiar.

  5. Ohh now i know. I always thought it smelled familiar.

  6. I use it undereyes as well (y)

  7. i prefer ponds BB cream over this....

  8. Ponds BB Cream - - - Lakme CC Cream. If you had to pick one, which one would it be?

    1. Aaah thanks! I use and LOVE the Pond's BB Cream and was wondering if I should get the CC. I think i will stick to the BB. I can hardly believe that an inexpensive product like it could give me such luminous skin for everyday wear :) xx

  9. You were there in Oct edition too..

  10. Genuine review Cynthia..
    I totally agree with yr Pond's BB cream review too. I bought one after reading yr post abt Pond's BB cream.

  11. I like Lakem CC cream too.. dont layer it up and setting it up with a powder is a must but love the ease of use and spreadability.. :)


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