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Jewelry/Accessories Haul ~ Forever 21, Accessorize, Claire's, Forever New, Etc

It's SALE time.
You find something you really like at 50% OFF.
It fits perfectly and/or it's looks very very nice.
You feel so lucky!
Just like when you find money you'd forgotten about in your jeans pocket.
As you're standing in the queue to the cash counter,
Not only are you grinning (creepily, if you're being watched),
You're also thinking: 'I could win a award for Best Bargain Shopper! Ooh....maybe I should turn it into a career! Ya, lazy people will pay me to go shoppi.....Oh, my turn!'
You take out your wallet to pay for the greatness that, at this point, you'd scratch people for if they tried to snatch it from you! (Meow!)
The cashier says a number that's not the same one in your head.
A smaller number.
It's actually 70% OFF! 
They must've forgotten to change the sticker on the tag.
Now you're shaking a little bit,
 and all of your teeth want to come out and ogle at the cashier.
But you warn yourself.....
'Be cool.' 


That, ladies & gentlemen, has happened to me twice.  

First time: At Lipsy in Glasgow last December - I thought I had to pay £20 (Rs.2000) for a top, but the price was £12 (Rs.1200)

 Second time: At Claire's recently with a not-so-expensive hairband, but still.

On to the haul.....

Forever 21 Chandelier Earrings, Rs.409 ~ Why 2 pairs? One pair is for the winner of the "What's In The Box" Contest =)

Forever 21 Romantic Duster Earrings, 539.

Forever 21 Filigree Earrings,  Rs.409

Forever 21 Flower Power Midi Ring, Rs.99 ~ This is so cute! Unlike most midi rings, it fits my slender finger perfectly.

Forever 21 Gold/Jade Bracelet, Rs.259

Forever 21 Heart Sunglasses, Rs.409

Ginger (Lifestyle brand) Gold & pastel Necklace, Rs.899 ~ Half Off - Rs.450! I'd seen it months ago in Lifestyle, but thought it was too expensive.

Accessorize Heart Midi Ring ~ 70% Off Rs.545, so Rs.163

Accessorize Set Of 3 Owl Rings ~ 50% off Rs.1145, so Rs.573.

 Forevever 21 Headwraps ~ Coral & White polka has a bow, Red/Cream is a bandana style. Both 30% off, so I paid Rs.181 for each.

Forever New Isadora Embellished Headband, Rs.800 ~ 50% off, so Rs.395.

Claire's Mint Spot Bow Hairband ~ This is the one I was talking about. Original Price was Rs.400. 70% Off, so it's only for Rs.120! =D

Hope you liked the haul. Which are your favorites?

In case you didn't know, you can now shop online at Forever 21 India!

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians! =)

Enjoy your Friday night, all. Talk again tomorrow.

On my TV these days:

Was hooked to Orange Is the New Black & finished Devious Maids Season 2 last night.

Watched Robin Williams' movies 2 nights in a row after the tragic news, Mrs.Doubtfire & World's Greatest Dad.

May he find happiness wherever he is now <3


  1. All the stuff you got is so pretty CZ! I'm not a fan of long earings but the midi rings and headbands are so cute :D

  2. I'm in love with the heart sunglasses! So cute!

  3. OMG... the bow hairband is so pretty.. :) in total love.. n for d price.. :)

  4. Oh... I want that heart shaped sunglasses badly... love the polka dot head wrap. . So much retro about it. Off late I am quite obsessed about buying accessories especially statement ones and skincare.. awesome haul CZ

  5. Wow !! Love the chandelier earrings and the duster earrings ! Jade bracelets are just my kind of delicate stuff ... those ♡_♡ are super cute ;) ... you know what! I have discovered a store at DLF saket who sell super cute boxes and ceramic stuff just like your teapot and cup. Its adjacent to the food court. Love always.

    1. Cynthia , your owl rings are now available on 70% discount at myntra. Posting the Link for your followers -》

    2. Cool! Thanks Sonia :) And ya, I did drop in the shop you're talking about! Saw some really cute floral stuff.


  6. Those F21 Duster Earrings Are Gorgeous! Are They For a Look?
    And, The Owl Rings.. So Cute!! ^_^

  7. Duster Earrings are amazing! And I didn't know we can shop online at F21 India! Thank You!

    PS: Love watching Robbin Williams movies a lot! Tragic news indeed. However, I didn't like World's Greatest Dad >.<

  8. Ahh I love the F21 jewellery sale! I bought so many midi rings, earrings and necklaces when the sales were on. I also got some really nice makeup bags and phone covers. Ever since F21, I have been ignoring Accessorize a little, mostly because I find their stuff a little overpriced. Although, when there is 50-70% off I like to check their stuff out too. I love those owl rings!

    Debasree from AllSheNeeds

  9. Hey Cynthia!! I just love your blog. I have been viewing your posts from a long long time. I am just about to turn 25. I have never used makeup till now apart from the mascara, gloss and bb creams. Can you do a post or video for makeup newbies including the specific products for makeup and skincare at 25? I have a normal skin that tends to dry in winters. ♥xoxo♥


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