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Primark Shoes I Picked Revealed!

I put up a post asking you to guess which color shoes I picked from Primark (post here & in my Facebook Page). You know I like to play those games ;) Thank You to all who commented! You must know me quite well, coz none of you picked black/white =D
Yes, I picked the RED ones! They're red, right? Coz Mr.CZ and a few of you said they're coral. I don't know....I guess coral-red.

So the ladies who guessed right are:

  • Bhumika
  • Narindra Evah
  • Sukanya
  • Miss Bo Peep
  • Poorva
  • Wajiha Sajid
  • RJ
  • Geetz
  • Adaa
  • Preeti Kaur 
  • Malavika Gadiyar 

Congrats! =)
To the others who guessed Pink/Black pair: There was a 90% chance of me picking them over the red ones, BUT..... 
The buckle is a little different from the red & black pairs. See, it extends way to the front, so they didn't fit well- too loose. 

I wore the black ones here

I left the red pair in Delhi. I knew I'll never get to wear them here. 

Price ~ £12 (Rs.980) each.
Are they comfortable? Quite comfortable for heels that high..... but the balls of my feet s-u-f-f-e-r-e-d! I'll have to put those cushion thingies.


  1. They look pretty but my experience with Primark shoes is that they never have cushions in soles so the soles are hard and painful to wear for a long time :-/

  2. Yay!my name is in the blog :) looks like its coral in the pic that you have put up initially but now i can see clearly its red..cute pair!

  3. oh yes!! my name is in your blog post :)

  4. OOTDS wE Want cynthia mam ! shrutika <3 red ones are so cutieeeee ;):D

  5. Do you take your shoe size to or larger number? I want to buy them, and it seems to me that because of the narrow part of the finger needs to take a number. Please answer me! Thank you!

    1. I just bought the smallest size available (size 3), which is still a little bit loose on my feet. Depends on how thick your toes are. If they are, then maybe you need to go for one size larger, but I don't think you'll need too.


  6. yahoooooo! I guessed right ;) ;) I can see now that they are red. Earlier, the looked coral because of the stor/artificial lighting I guess :P do an OOTD with these shoes CZ :) :) :)

    Preeti Kaur recently posted.. Garnier BB Cream Review

  7. awww ur so sweet :-) n i loveee these little games u play :D n both the shoes r gorgeous :-) n even the price is sooo reasonable :-)

  8. omg!!! perfect shoes! =)

  9. they re fab :) was really shocked to read the price! could ve got me the other pair right ;) :D

  10. they re fab :) was really shocked to read the price! could ve got me the other pair right ;) :D

  11. Its so great to see your name in the blog you love. Thank you Cynthia... :)

  12. yeyeyy! i was right .......... :D

  13. Hello CZ! I have been one of your silent readers. I love the way you write and make the smallest of things look/feel interesting. You even make a silly little bow come alive. Lol. Anyway, I actually happenned to accidentally 'bump' into your page when I was doing a google search for 'tiny shoes', your blog was one of the search items. Well, I can totally relate to your plight of having tiny feet, infact I have it worse, I have size 32-33 feet!! (that's Indian size 1-2)! I am tired of having to go to the kids section. Well, the reason I decided to write to you today is, I yet again doing a desperate google search and happened to come across this online store and wanted to share it with you I am planning to get a pair or two myself. Take care and keep up with the blog, I love going through it. Rubaina

  14. These are EXACTLY like the Zara ones, except those cost like 60 euros, and these cost 12 pounds! BARGAIN. I wish Primark came to India. Agreed, it's not the best quality but who's complaining?


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