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Jewelry Haul

Hello, my blog readers! 🤗  
It's been a while - as my opening line always goes.

My eyelash extensions had been brand new and fallen off, Britney & Jlo have gotten married, a new season of KWK is now streaming.....
But my haul in January-February & birthday post from May have not been posted here yet 😂

My life moves so fast like you wouldn't believe these days, and I've just been feeling very detached from the online world.  Plus, you might have gotten a life update on my Insta, so my head is always elsewhere.

I clicked these pics on a rainy day to pearlize my mood..... 

Bow & Pearl drop, Flower & Pearl, White square ~ Exotica (a jewelry store in Shillong)

 Flower Pendant Earrings ~ H&M

Gold Hair Claws (3 pack) ~ H&M

Gold Emerald Necklace ~ Forever New

Handbag (purchased last year) ~ LYN

Scarf ~ H&M

Hope you're all doing well.  

Stay tuned for another haul - a traditional one, from my hometown!


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