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Vintage-Inspired Gingham Set

A gorgeous set I got back in July, but have never really worn. 
Wearing is never the point anyway, it's the h-a-v-i-n-g *bites nails*

If you're familiar with For Love & Lemons stuff, you'll see that this set is somewhat similar to their vintage vibe - with the little covered buttons, daisies & eyelash lace.

I HAD to get my hands on it immediately after it was launched on their website. 
They had me at 'gingham'; they sold me at little coated buttons.

Bottoms are adorned with gold heart hardware with straps along the back.

This set is on sale for a lot less right now, if you want to grab it.

From: Marks & Spencer. Just search for Delphy Gingham.

Will be back with more pretty things shortly ;)


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  1. I miss m&s for this exact reason. I used to love their gingham sets, and even otherwise they had good lingerie sets. We don't have them here in Aus and shipping makes it not worth it.

    1. Oh, I never knew M&S isn't in Aus! Assumed it's available worldwide. Too bad! You should stock up next time you're in India.....x


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