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Handbag Haul ~ BOW Edition

Hello! :)

I have nothing important to say, except that I completed the entire REIGN tv series. It's about the queen of Scotland & queen Elizabeth..... so much drah-ma, and I was hooked to it! 
Now it's over, and I'm feeling as EMPTY as these brand new handbags that reign my world ;p

I've christened only one of them - the black one.

LYN Mary Jane XS Bag

LYN Keychain - bought separately.

LYN Mary Jane M, Black

Ted Baker Pink Bow Tote & Pink Bow Pencil Case (I got this for sunglasses)

That's all for today.

You know when you're so happy about something, say a haul, but there's something that makes you sad? There's always a blemish on your happiness?

Well, I was in my "new handbags" headspace .... and then I realized I had left behind my Innisfree Cica Balm at a hotel!
I applied it on my painful ears - while I was admiring my new LYN handbags, and I must have left it on the table, or inside the hotel robe pocket, I don't know! This was over a month ago, and I'm still upset about it.
I left a pair of black slip-on sandals at a Mumbai hotel once, but I got over that pretty quickly, because I bought them for 200-300 rupees 😂

*Edited ~ Found the Innisfree Cica Balm in one of the LYN shopping bags, like, over a month later! 👀😲

Thanks for visiting, lovely people.

Speak to you again soon.....


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  1. always finding the cutesy things <3 well I think this is my quote now- There's always a blemish on my happiness, always was and always is


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