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If It Isn't Pastel, I Don't Want It.....

For my nails, it's either only pastels, sometimes black, or frequently french.

My toenails are done in 5 different pastel shades, most of the time. 

Here are 5 new shades I picked up recently. 
I kinda had to go out & buy them, because most of my favourite nail paints have started 
drying up & bubbling.

All from Colorbar again, of course.

*My ring fingernail broke some time back, btw.

(L-R) :Dove Pink, Monaco, Honesty, Banana Creme, Jelly Bean

Dove Pink #1164 ~ Light greige-ish. Love it!

Monaco #451 ~ Coral-ish pink.

Honesty #1146 ~ This is MY pink & my favourite out of all.

Banana Creme #1404 (Arteffects) ~ I'm not sure what Arteffect this is supposed to be, because it appears to be regular - creamy/glossy 

It's the same as Dawn (pics HERE), I don't know why I even picked it.

Jelly Bean #1330 (Arteffects) ~ Skip this, just skip this. It's so sheer, you'll need 3-4 coats 

for the colour to show + I'm so over these sandy effect nail paints.

I didn't see the last 2 were Arteffects range when I was buying, I was only looking at the colours.
So do check that when you're buying these.

With Flash - shades look more accurate here

My favourites are Honesty, Dove Pink & Monaco. 
Other 2 are the kind of mistakes I make when shopping in a rush.

View more Colorbar Nail Poilishes HERE & HERE

Price: ₹199, each

Until next time,

Take care 


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  1. Ahh all of these are so pretty, perhaps Jelly Bean would be a great sheer base coat for French nails?


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