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You know what I absolutely love doing? Picking tomato seeds from tomato fried rice, which I make for Ziizayne. If I could, I'd make a whole bucket of tomato rice (with extra tomatoes, of course) and be at it all day. I'm serious! I enjoy picking little odd things out of little things.

You know what I absolutely hate doing? Packing & house moving. Today is the last day I'll be in this house. We're moving to a hotel tomorrow, and will be there until the work at our new place is done. Right now all I want is a back/head/leg massage.....and to sleep for a week.

Since I did a 'First Time' in this apartment post, I thought I'd do a 'Last Time' in it, as well.

If you read my First Time post, you will realize that we were greeted by a monkey & were also chased out by a (bigger) monkey =D (Read here)

Monkey menace aside, we decided to move to a smaller place. Until now, we were living in a 4BHK with 5 bathrooms (6 if we count the helper's quarter), and not only was it hard to maintain, it never felt cosy, and...I don't know, something or the other kept going wrong.

So we are moving to a 3BHK with only 3 bathrooms, where the rooms are much more compact.

Forever New Cap  | Top from hometown  |  River Island Shorts.  | Forever 21 Socks

If you're wondering what the heck I'm holding - The Crunch Box Popcorn in Chunky Munky Cheese. I love these, because they don't have the hard corn in the center. Available in many flavors - Chocolate, Wasabi, Caramel, Pizza, BBQ, etc etc.

The only good thing about packing this time is I finally got rid of a mountain of clothes I haven't worn for 10 years & I binned all expired beauty products (although reluctantly still). Last time we shifted here, I was pregnant & then we had a baby, so we didn't really have the time & energy to sort out boxes, and that led to an unlivable situation. 

This time the RULE is: NO MORE BOXES!

I think by now I'm known as 'That Nomad Blogger who's always packing and moving, packing & moving....' :D

Oh, look who's coming along.....

THIS. Sometimes I feel that he knows everything.

Thank You for reading, everyone!

Will be back with more posts as soon as I can.

 :* :* :*


  1. Hey... instead of picking tomato seeds from the rice.. why dont you deseed it while dicing before you put those tomatoes.. just a suggestion..

    1. I know I could do that, but then I enjoy picking them haha :D


  2. Ziizayne looks so cute. Love your outfit.. I know how difficult it is to shift houses. We shifted from India to Singapore last year and I had such a tough time.

  3. I never thought of you as a nomadic but now that you mention it... :P Hope you have many wonderful memories in your new home <3
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  4. OMG where dp u buy crunch box popcorn from? My kids love it n I've literally asked everyone flying indigo 2 buy every available box. Lol. Please let me know. Thanks

  5. There's nothing tiring than changing homes. Ziizayne looking super cute ;)

  6. Aww So cute baby , wish you aqll the best for next :)

  7. Hi, what happened to your other blog... the links to that blog don't seem to be working anymore

  8. Wow nice blog. please keep posting.


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