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MAC Runway Hit Retro Matte Lipstick ~ LOTD, Swatches

TATA - written behind most trucks in India.
From the time I was a kid until last year, I thought.... can you not look at me when I say this?...that...that it meant "Ta Ta. Bye Bye"
You know, like "Blow Horn" or "Use Dipper At Night" or "Have A Nice Day". I even saw "Please Keep Distense" not too long ago (I almost posted the pic on my Instagram and was gonna caption it: "...Or you'll be sintensed to death."  I'd deleted the pic from my phone, otherwise I would've sneaked it into this post.)
So...where was I? I just assumed TATA meant 'Bye Bye'. I also remember that as a little girl I'd mentally wave when I saw it. 
Sometime last year, while in the car, Mr.CZ and I were discussing cars (Yes, we've been together a long time.) and he mentioned TATA this, TATA that, TATA owns Jaguar. Suddenly....sudden-effin-ly-a-little-too-late....the tube light in a very very dusty, cobwebby corner of my head lit up! "Ohhhh....TATA = TATA Motors!!!" 
In my brain's defense, I would've added them up a long time ago, but then why would I be thinking about and looking at trucks anymore? I had my life to think about. Also, dem coot buoyz!

Okay, coming to the lipstick......

I always thought this lipstick was called Runaway Hit. Run-away Hit.
It was only until I was at a MAC store that I saw Runway Hit written at the bottom. I have to tell you that I wasn't at all interested in this lippie when it was first launched. Not until I swatched it. Fell in love with it, but it was out of stock. Made me want it even more. I got it only after the 3rd time I'd gone to ask for it!   

Described by MAC as a Light Nude Matte. On me, it looks too coral to be labeled a light nude. I'd call it a light coral.

The Good:
 ~ The color. This is the lipstick shade I would want to be buried in.

~ The super matte formula makes it last a long long time.

~ This kind of shade is hard to find in a very matte formula, so that is its USP for me.

The Bad:
~ It lacks the same opacity as all the other Retro Matte Lipsticks I own, probably because it's the lightest shade of all. So I need to apply it in layers so it covers my lips fully. You can check out the others- All Fired Up, Relentlessly Red, Flat Out Fabulous, Ruby Woo.

~ It emphasizes lip lines & chapped lips. Even if you don't have chapped lips, this could make it look like you do. Again, because it's a light shade.

In the LOTD pics, I'm wearing it on my eyes & as a blush on my cheeks as well....

Yes, my hair is short now. Better pics of it next time!

I applied the lipstick on the inner 1/3rd of my lids. I'd posted a EOTD HERE

In spite of its flaws, I will always want to wear this lipstick. Runway Hit is a Reallife Hit.

Price: Rs.1450

My Rating: 3.5/5

Before I go, I just want to ask a quick Q regarding Runway Hit.....

Does it mean that it's a hit - loved - on the fashion runway or......does it mean when a plane hits the runway when it lands?

Don't answer that! 

Thanks for reading all this....


*Run(s) Away*


  1. This is one awesome post Cynthia.
    I can only remember this guy from Karnataka who lost his life last week when he was hit by a truck and bid TATA but he was brave enough to hold his life to inform people to donate his organs.
    This is a beautiful shade but I think it would wash out my medium yellow skin tone.

    1. Wow what a kind soul! May he rest in peace <333

      True, this would wash out some skin tones, unfortunately :\


  2. Looks good on you. But the way it accentuates lines is not very flattering. I find Mac lipsticks to a bit drying, is it the same???
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  3. I love all the pics and your makeup Cynthia ! The lipstick definitely looks very dry on the lips, but I've also been there...when the formula isn't the best but the shade is.
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  4. Love the pics! and the kind of effort you put in all the posts is just so amazing!

  5. Gosh I love how the shade looks on you. But on my deeper skin tone it would just end up looking weird.

  6. I love your rose gold eyes paired up with this MAC lippy! Great shade for summer :)

  7. This shade is so so so beautiful!!!! I wish it would suit me too! I'm not sure it would, I'm an NC 25. Loved reading your post <3

  8. hahaha.. you have an awesome way of writing and this post was super good!! I cannot stop laughing... :-D I love the way you embed stories into your posts... <3

    and this color looks so good on you.. :) but it would surely wash me out... :(

  9. You look amazing! The color looks great on you. I wanna try it too!


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