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When You Find Your DREAM Jewelry Box.....

HELLO! I missed you :* =)

From a new location. Things have just started going back to normal - after moving house and Baby CZii getting sick and yada yada....

So I've found the only jewelry box I'll ever need, and if you've been reading my blog for a long time, you will know that that I'd been drooling over a jewelry organizer like this for 4 years! When I say it like that this feels like a reward =D

Hope the pics did the talking. Just a few points: 

 ~ The things with the bows can be lifted, like a powder puff and you can use them to cover jewelry.

~ The outer material is shimmery

~ There's a key. You can lock this baby.

From: Forever New Simone Jewellery Box 

Available online too HERE

Price: Rs.3600.

Got it. But I don't know what to put in it. Yup, that also needs some planning ;p
Also, new shiny jewelry.

Most of my jewelry just turned dull and black all on their own & some are missing!

All this moving, I tell you.

BUT we love our new home =)

See you again shortly....


  1. waaw,.. Lovely,.. The Jewellery Box is treat to the eyes,.. :)

  2. i'm not really into jewelry boxes that much but your post has got me tempted to try out :D.

  3. Can I just say it is so weird that you were obsessed for 4 years over this box yet you don't know what to put in it ? Nice find though, those bow compartments are adorable. Also, I love pinterest !
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  4. I am more into your photography than the jewelry box.. the box is pretty though !!

  5. The jewellery box looks very pretty. A little expensive, but I am going to save up to pick this beauty.

  6. wow.. this is amazing even i am gonna grab dis right way..
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  7. It looks beautiful I currently just place my statement necklaces inside Zip lock covers and have pt them in a big box.


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