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Mistakes Of A Sale-Crazy Mommy

1st time: 40% OFF

2nd time: 50% OFF

Mistakes Made: TWICE.....

From: Mothercare

Sizes: All same, except for 1. 

Lesson Learned: Never buy lots of baby clothes, leave them in the shopping bag, and then forget what all you've bought. Also, take a quick look at brand new clothes before next shopping trip.

Imagine my face when I found two two - in a minute!

Have you other Mommies made this mistake?
Please tell me I'm not the only one! =D


  1. it happens with me too...good to know im not the only one!

  2. I've done it too. Infact my baby outgrew this super cute outfit was too big when I first got it & then completely forgot that it existed.
    Glad you are back

  3. He looks super cute in the first pic..

  4. hi Cynthia...In this month's malayam magazine named grihalaxmi... there is an article on maids.. and they have used your photo in that... the one in saree as Maid....I have taken a photo of it... how to attach it here?

  5. This generally happen with those who feel as if they can buy most of the stuffs in sale. You can also visit the Online Grocery Store Lucknow so as to find some amazing discounts on required products.


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