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New Hair Feat. Things I Love

I fell sick one week,
Baby CZii fell sick the next week,
I fell sick again that same week,
In the middle of last week....
 I made an impromptu trip to my hometown,
Slow Wi-fi. Doesn't even work at night!
Now I'm sitting in the living room while Baby CZii is sleeping upstairs,
Wi-fi comes and goes,
I'm hoping I'll be able to publish this post successfully.....
(Prove me wrong you Reliance dongle you!)
Before he wakes up & cries for milk  biscuits.

10 mins later:
Shucks! I can hear him already!
Oh, it's just my 1.5-year-old nephew.
Uh-oh, now he's next to me trying to grab my laptop!

Now if we were in a relationship, you wouldn't still think about breaking up with me because I did not keep in touch, would you? 
I've got issues, and it's not Apple Tree Yard*

Okay, about new hair: I got it cut & colored last month. I wanted side swept bangs,coz one day my forehead just looked so LARGE! Does it increase with age & childbirth?, I wondered. 
I asked for shoulder-length with lots of volume at the top, and I got, you could say, "The Rachel" (FRIENDS) haircut.

Color was achieved after a lot of stripping - meaning: bleaching & stripping away all of the orange in my hair. They used L'Oreal Majirel Lightest Ash Blonde.

These shoes! I got them from my hometown in January. Available in 2 colors. I got both. Not at the same time, I went for these another time - because, you know, I was losing sleep ;p. I wore them for the very first time last month, and was so pleasantly surprised that they're sooo comfortable for pencil heels.

I will post the other ones on my shoe blog

Apple Tree Yard by Louise Daughty ~ A page-turner this. For about 2 weeks, I was even more sleep-deprived because I. just.could.not.put.this.down! I'd go to bed at 12 am & read until 3 am sometimes. I was searching for a new mystery novel to read, and I found this on some magazine website (Vogue? Marie Claire?) No spoilers, just the gist - Woman has torrid affair, there'll be a murder, she'll be on trial.*

Colorbar Definer Lip Pencil in Splendid Pink ~ Love, love, love this so much! It's my pink. These lip liners are just amazing, I think even better than most MAC Lip Liners! I want them all! You can check out another pink shade I have here.

Forever 21 Floral Mirror ~ I've posted about this pretty thing before.I can't locate the link right now, coz the internet is slow, so you can use the search bar up there.

My hair looks darker than it really is in the pics above, so Ill show you the first pic I clicked in brighter light - which is a test shot I do to "check" that there are no smudges & powder in my nostrils =D

Here, my bangs underneath haven't stuck to my sweaty forehead yet.

That's why it feels so good to escape scorching Delhi at the moment. The weather here is awesome - rains heavily some days, but its always at a comfortable temperature.

I guess this is the time to tell you that the first para up there post was typed yesterday evening, and when I had first planned to publish this blog post, the intro was:
"Yay! My birthday month is here!"

You do the math =D


Thanks for visiting & I'll post again soon! =)

And if a certain someone is reading this.....



  1. I really liked your post after so many days. Loved the shoes as I like flowery prints.Even I like colorbar lip liners a lot.Looks like baby CZ now keeps mommy very busy.

  2. Oh! You've got me on colorbar lip liners. I need them all now! Beautiful post CZ, beautiful dress! Love the hints you drop. Yes! we are still on in this relationship :)

  3. I like reading your posts no matter when they are coming. You enjoy your time with baby cz. The cut looks lovely on you

  4. I love the Rachel haircut on you. Adding some blonde highlights might make it even better.

    - Pallavi

  5. The hair suits you perfectly. Oh and the shoes are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Cynthia you have started to look all the more beautiful after you have become a mommy.. Love the new hair cut & color. I expected some pics of Baby CZ. :( The lip pencil shade looks lovely on you..

  7. Looking beautiful Cynthia! I always look forward to your quirky and fun posts!!! Love to you and baby :)

  8. You look beautiful with this new haircut. This color suits you very very well. Have a great day dear! Kisses <3

  9. wow ! i love love your posts they're amazing as always i was awaiting for you to post and you look awesome with new hairstyle

  10. Loving that pale pink dress on you girl!
    Baby CZ and that book might be taking toll on your sleep..but you look bright and lovely as always
    much love

  11. hahaha you write amazingly well , I miss the tv show discussion posts , but then , you have got baby CZ to take care of now...but you look lovely as ever <3

  12. lovely hair cut u have go.. u have such pretty flowy hair :)

  13. I recently took high speed wifi and it is still so slow ....btw I'm in love with your hair color <3

  14. Great post!
    I would really love for you to check out my latest post:
    Kaiyo Aino Blog

  15. LOVE your post, those shoes are amazing and you look so beautiful with the new do and the lippie. :)


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