But First, I'll Be Your Personal Shopper [SALE]

I'll be your Personal Shopper today.
You can call me Agent Personal Shopper.
Agent PS?
Or anything you want.
Just make sure you put in the word 'Agent' 
(I tried to sneak in the word 'Secret' too, but....)
Because it sounds cool & because I'm holding the hair dryer like a gun.
Plus, you need to have an agent-type....umm.... aura when you hit the Sale racks - 
Next time you're in ZARA during sale, take a minute to look at the other women.
Where? Oh, there's one!
That side....in that corner over there....(Ooh that top she's touching looks nice! I WANT!)
That's why they don't want to be near you!
And most of them would no doubt be shopping alone.
Oh, yes. Rule #1- Always go SALE shopping alone.
No one is to be trusted.
Especially if 'no one' is.......

 So without further delay, here are some goodies you can - and MUST - buy right now. I mean RIGHT NOW!

Forever New Ria Printed Hi Low Dress: 50% OFF! Rs.6200/Rs.3095. It is so pretty and so worth the price- the sale price. Comes with a gold belt. It's still available online here, and there's a similar dress with a different print here.

July Nightwear: Rs.1199/Rs.959. I LOVE this brand July Nightwear! I always end up liking only their pyjama sets while browsing Jabong. I got this Disney one here and a few more sets. All pyjama sets & sleepwear are 20% off right now. You can check out the entire range here.

Corioliss Mini Vintage Hair Dryer (Limited Edition): Rs.2999/Rs.1399. How cute?! HOW CUTE?!!! Nykaa had this in one of the sliders amongst hair dryers on sale. I saw, I clicked, I ordered. I prefer mini/travel hair dryers coz they're light. I checked online and it was $85 when it was launched :O ....If the floral & cute blue pouch are calling your name, go grab it before it's gone at Nykaa HERE

 French Connection Miami Danni Dress: Rs.7999/Rs.4000. I tried it on....left the store without it....went- no, ran- back to the store to get the last Size 6 available in the store. MINE! Comes in white color as well. It's available online HERE

 Forever New GRACIE HEARTS IPHONE CASE: Rs.1200/Rs.715. My current phone case. It's quite shiny & the beads move inside the hearts - almost like a rattle hehe. Available at Forever New here

Marks & Spencer Floral Longline Balcony Bra (Limited Collection): 50% off, so Rs.1250. My favorite kind. Longline. Came with matching knickers. Rush to M&S store if you want it.

Forever New Bindy Bow Travel Wallet: Rs.2400/Rs.1435. For Passport, Currency, cards+it has a mirror! Sold out at FNIndia HERE, but might still be there in stores.

 The next 3 things are not Sale items, but wishlist-worthy:

Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick REB07: Rs.450. I'm in love with this pink shade. If you mix MAC lipsticks Cosmo & Chatterbox, you'll get Maybelline REB07. Available at Nykaa HERE

Histoire D'ours Sweety Rabbit: A gift to Ziizayne from his Daddy. I assume it's mine now, coz he doesn't like to play with kiddie toys much. Only interested in electronics the little bugger =D (not that we let him touch any!)

Prada Candy Perfume: A birthday present from hubby. Smells so good & the bottle is pretty too.

Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham: I'm very much #ThatKindOfGirl... hehehaha...but I couldn't wait to read this book! So far, quite funny. Lena actually reveals that she had several male sleep buddies. They do nothing else but sleep together. Platonic Bed Sharing - "My bed was a rest stop for the lonely, and I was the spinster innkeeper." I think the concept is fantastic, because sometimes you just don't want to sleep alone & all your girlfriends/cousins/etc have their own lives. I get it. If I were still single.....nah, I don't even like sharing the bed with hubby & son. I need ample space to stretch - I like to place both arms perpendicular to my body & my legs stretched apart in a V-shape. Did I describe that right? Okay, just think Jacques Sauniere's corpse in The Da Vinci Code.

That's all for today!

(....and then she could finally take off the damn corset underneath that dress. It's a high-waisted underwear style stretchy-bone-tightness with no hooks or zipper and....let's just say I never want to wear it again. EVER! =D)

Hope you liked this post. Let me know what you went to buy from this list.

I've missed talking to you sooo much! I was gone for so long simply because I was spending time with my family & friends..... and enjoyed it to the fullest!

Thank You to everyone who wrote to me just to ask where I was & why I haven't posted in so long. It meant a lot to me & I wanted to make a post ASAP!

Okies, talk again shortly. I gotta go pack & head to the in-laws' for the weekend, coz it's my Mom-in-law's birthday today. I hadn't even unpacked my suitcase from my last trip....sigh!


  1. So happy to see you back! You look fabulous as ever <3 I'm planning a trip to Lifestyle's sale tomorrow myself; have to shop for a wedding. And now I'll feel like an agent while doing it =D

    Hope you're doing as great as you look! Hugs & kisses to lil Zii, hope to see him on your blog again soon!

    1. Thanks Crisanda! Hope it was a fruitful shopping trip :D Hugs & Kisses to you too. Zii will say hi soon!


  2. I love reading your blog posts CZ. Hope to see you and Baby CZ on blog frequently :D

    1. Thanks Gargi! Yup yup you'll see us plenty :D


  3. love that forever new dress! gud to cu back!

    1. I love it too...it's lovely. Thanks Rachna xx


  4. Its so good to see your post after so long.. Thanks for sharing the links to help us shop these ;-)

    I want that Forever new Bindy bow clutch so bad.. Now I need to look for someone who will grab it for me 😋

  5. Forgot to tell that little toy.. I saw something similar on Mammas and Papas website .. Available on aliexpress as well in case you would like to have more ;-)

  6. The pic of you lying on the floor is a bit weird hahaha. I have Rebel 07 and its a nice pink color.

    1. Hahaha! :D It's the least awkward out of all the ones that were clicked, I tell you :p


  7. You are a new mommy and you're size 6!!!!!
    Oh, and I know exactly how you feel about shareware. I bought a beautiful corset from M&S but can't bear to wear it. I feel like I can't breath in it.

    1. Only in some styles Dollie, otherwise it's 8 now! :D I've seen some interesting corsets/body shapers in M&S and thinking about giving them a try. They're uncomfy but need them for bodycon dresses :D


  8. i always wanted to ask this, what does mr. CZ do for a living???

  9. hey! its been what like 7-8 years,i think we deserve a cute family pic including mr. cz and baby cz as well :)

  10. My Fav Indian Beauty Blogger is Back!! :D
    Soooo Happy!! I Used To Check Out Your Blog Like 5-6 Times a Day Hoping To See a New Post.
    Loved The Post! The Floral Dress is Too Pwetty! *_*

  11. Forgot to tell that little toy.. I saw something similar on Gifts and fashion accessories website .. Available on www.giftipedia.com as well in case you would like to have more ;-)


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