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MAC Toledo Collection Haul

MAC Isabel & Ruben Toledo Collection launched in India on Friday, 24th April. I had only one product in mind - this Blush Ombre. I've wanted one for a very long time, ever since they were first launched with some old MAC collections. That's why I was waiting for this collection to reach India.

I was so scared that they'd be SOLD OUT before I got to the store (You know how it is with MAC Limited Editions here!), but I was lucky to get the last pieces. LAST pieces! Just hearing those words made me shiver a little bit ;p

I picked up Ripe Peach & Kindergarten Red....

Ripe Peach ~ Light Coral

Kindergarten Red ~ Crimson Into Pale Nude

Both are so so beautiful & I can't wait to wear them!

Price ~ Rs.2400 (Each)

Toledo Collection display at the store.The packaging is nice & sturdy. Weird too, yes ;p

I almost bought a lipstick as well, but I didn't have enough money or credit card in my clutch bag.... hehe! =D

Hey, that's one way to save your monies!

They were all red lipsticks anyways, so I didn't really want any one of them (....with all my heart & soul.) But I would've picked up a shade called Victoriana.

Did you all pick up anything from this collection?

Shout-out to Soumya (or Somya?), artist at MAC - who reads my blog! =)
Thank You for being so sweet :*


  1. Aww they are such beauties! Since they swatch out to a single color, I wasn't blown away by them.

  2. I have seen the red and it looks gorgeous, but I do not remember what it was called. However, the blushes looks divine!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  3. These look so pretty, I love the packaging! MAC here is too far from my place, such a shame or I can say Tokyo is too big to go from my house to MAC :( :D

    xx Aditi
    Diary of a Cusp

  4. Blushes are so gorgeous <3 Like a collectors item =))

  5. Love the collection, the blushes are so so pretty

  6. I just can't wait for the review ! I'm getting these for sure <3

  7. wowo ombre blushes are delight to see.. :)

  8. Gorgeous... Waiting for swatches... But I miss your tutorials... :(

  9. Thank you so much Cynthia . I look forward to see you again ...

  10. wow ! they seem soo pretty i loved them by their looks itself :)

  11. cute!

  12. Drooling worthwhile blushes and Kindergarten Red looks pretty :)


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