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Trying Eyelid Tapes ~ LOTD

I don't know when Eyelid Tapes came into existence, but I have heard about the tape concept quite a long time ago. When I was staying in a hostel, I had a roommate from Manipur. She told us that they used sellotape (cut into shape, of course) on her nephew's (or niece's) monolids regularly, and it really helped to create a crease line and open up his/her eyes.
Now my eyelids are not sooo hooded that I'd want to use tapes regularly, but I've always wanted to try them. I actually bought these for some looks, and ended up using them twice just to see what the deal is.

Without Eyelid Tapes, you'd hardly see the center of my lids from this angle. The tapes prevent my hooded lids from folding down too much, especially the outer half. Every other time I'd need to apply a medium brown/taupe eyeshadow on my crease for it to look somewhat like that, but I didn't have to apply anything on my crease here.

Less squinty when I smile too =)

There are 10 sheets with 16 pairs of tapes on each, so 160 pairs in all.

I bought them Eyelid tapes from this Ebay Seller for just $1.79 (Rs.108). Service was good, they reached within estimated time.

There are 2 types of eyelid tapes: The ones that have glue only on one side, like the ones I have here, and the ones that have glue on both sides of the tape - called double-sided eyelid tapes.

Double-sided eyelid tapes: With these, your lids are pinched & folded inwards forming a crease line. The tape gets tucked inside the fold, so they don't show when you look down. I'm a bit apprehensive about using this type, coz I feel like they would stretch my skin too much, making it looser and more hooded.

Single-sided eyelid tapes: They're the ones I'm using here. They show when you look down, even if they're transparent.


What do you think? Big difference or not on my eyes?

Btw, how many of you reading this have hooded lids or monolids? If there are more than 5 ladies with either, then I'll use the eyelid tapes in my next tutorial! =)

P.S. If the pics look blurry, it's because my digital camera is no good anymore. It just doesn't focus properly, especially in the evenings. Gotz to buy a new one!


  1. Hi Cynthia, I have ultimate hooded eyes and really struggle with y eye makeup and eye colors showing up. I guess I can give these tape a try and please keep us updated about your experience :)

  2. I have hooded eyelids (a trait often linked to old age) by nature. =o An 23 years old, I am not old.

  3. You look so beautiful in that close up photo.. I kept scrolling up again and again... I don't have hooded eyes but I have very high cheek bones.. so when I smile, my eyes are not seen at all.. any suggestions? ? Of course smiling less..but that's a good trait..!!!

  4. I have hooded lids! I don't see a huge difference with the tapes though. :(

  5. It definitely keeps your lids more even when you look straight forward! One of my eyelids is smaller than the other when I look straight ahead and you can't see any of the eyeshadow on my lid until my eyes are closed!

  6. I have hooded eyelids :(.
    Would love to see the eyelid tapes tutorial.

  7. Hi CZ!
    Can you please post a step by step tutorial of the eyelid tape??

  8. I've hooded eyes. More hooded than yours. I apply eyeshadows beautifully, but when I open my eyes you can't even see the liner properly... sob.

  9. Hooded Lids reporting... I feel like it's a waste of my time and money on eyeshadows since it wont show anyways! Just the liner takes up all the space and apparently that makes the eye look even smaller!!

  10. I have never heard about eye tapes before.. good to know about them now.. I would recommend them to sister as her eyes disappear even why she Tries to smile :)

  11. I have hooded lids. Would like to see a tutorial on the eyelid tapes :)

  12. I have hooded lids and whenever i wear eye shadows they dont even show up :(btw u look damn pretty in the second last pic :*

  13. *raises hand sheepishly* Also why my concept of eyeshadow is very limited, bordering on non-existent :|

  14. Cynthia, you have got beautiful eyes. Pls dont unnecessarily temper with your fragile skin around eyes. I see no difference in before n after picture.. I dont approve this product!! Your well wisher Sonia S.

  15. I have seen michalle phane using it in one o her videos... pls do a tutorial

  16. i do have hooded eyelids since i belong from NE. Would love to see the tutorial :)


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