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Maybelline THE NUDES Eyeshadow Palette

Good News!  

Maybelline is jumping on the bandwagon, ans will officially launch a 12 pan eyeshadow palette in nude shades this July....or sooner!

Finally a go-to drugstore brand is producing a big palette! I know, trios & quads are so meh.

It will be priced at $11.99 (around Rs.700) in the US.

I hope Maybelline India is listening, and will also bring it to India this year! Before Diwali, pweeease! =)

Who's super duper excited about this palette???


  1. Oh wow if this happens it will be amazing!!.. I hope it is launched here ASAP!!.. Nude eyeshadows are the only eyeshadows I wear.

    Debasree from All She Needs

  2. OH My God!! This is exactly what we need!!

    They need to start making palettes like sleek does!! In different color schemes and everything!

    I so HOPE Maybelline India is indeed listening!

  3. Oh am so excited... hope they launch it soon in India soon.
    I'll be waiting to grab one ;)

  4. Wow... I hope it is launched in India!!

  5. I want this, I like palettes more than single eyeshadows

  6. That's exactly what's missing right now. Palettes from a good drug store brand. Life would be so complete after its launch :P

  7. this is something which has definitely caught my eye...lets c..will b gud to hav a cheaper sister of the naked pallette by maybelline..cant wait..

  8. I wish too as its such a pretty pallet but it will not launch in india atleast for a year����....may be after sis works for maybelline india asked her ����

  9. I'm super excited!!

  10. maybelline plz listen...we in india need good primers, and foundations and eyeshadow palletes tht u launch everywhere except here...

  11. Awww...this is so pretty. I super like the shades. So excited for this.


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