Ethnic Bell Earrings ~ Obsessed!

Hi, Hi! How are you all doing? Me, I've been away from home since Monday, so things are moving slowly over here. Will be heading back tomorrow, and I'll be back to full blogging mode again.
So I just realized that my last Jewelry Haul post was in September last year! What? Didn't I buy any bling since then? And you didn't tell me?! Now the beast is out, and it's just waiting for Accessorize SALE!
Sometime in May, I got these bell earrings, and I'm obsessed with them! I wanted to buy so many more, like, a dozen! I would have if I was shopping alone ;p

These are from Lajpat Nagar Market, New Delhi, and you'll find them in most of those outdoor shops.

Price ~ I think I paid Rs.450 for all 3 of them. But you might get them cheaper in some shops. I bargained, but my seller didn't budge, because my face was too eager =D

Hope you also liked them. Which are your favorites? Mine are the silver pearl & the gold ones. The blue ones I only bought specially for something (you'll see!)

Good Night/Day!

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P.S. My I Transform Series will continue soon! Can't wait to post the next look ;)

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  1. Gorgeous pieces!

    I've just posted an accessories haul today! Here's the link if you'd like to check it out!


  2. haha :P I understand... I am guilty of going crazy when I shop alone :P

  3. They all look amazing especially the silver ones!!!

  4. omg wow the gold ones are to DIE FOR!!!

  5. All of them are gorgeous.. Love your blog CZ !!!

  6. Love the gold. I'm a sucker for blings. Can never get enough of these preeties.......

  7. They are all sooo pretty and I love the details! Not my style but I'm sure they look awesome on you!

  8. Wow! These are so pretty!

    Know what, i am not a person who loves any danglers. But these 'jhumar' types i have always loved and i have like 3 or 4 of them(not much of a jewellery person).

    Though i am a total hoarder of makeup and other things!

  9. I love the silver jhumkis and i like the 2 other jhumkis too but they look quite heavy. Are they heavy?

  10. Absolutely love the gold ones!

  11. Wow.. thee are so pretty. Loved all of them !

  12. The copper ones are really nice.

  13. I loved the gold earrings....It would look stunning on traditional attire

  14. Honestly, they look beyond pretty here but I am so sure in Lajpat Nagar mkt I wud not have been able to find them... so much for ur pretty photography skills CZ..

  15. Such pretty earings. Even I was obsessed with these zhumkis couples of months back and bought them by dozens ... love the last golden one

  16. They all are sooo beautiful yaar, i want them :(

  17. Gold ones are awesome..my fav !


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