New PINK Blogging Camera | Hello Kitty Box | Minnie Mouse Socks

15th Nov '13, Friday:
Sometime in November '13, I spotted this camera in one of Shifa's (Get GawjusInstagram photos. In that moment, my life changed. By that, I mean I went CRAZY! You know I love them PINKS. It was like I was meant to see it, coz I'd been thinking about a new camera.
After googling, I found out it's a Special Limited Edition that launched in late 2012. It was sold only by a few sellers online, and they either seemed dodgy or money-hungry. Oh, and one Ebay UK seller stated that it's only "Virtually Used", whatever that means. I wanted Brand New!

16th Nov '13, Saturday:
After hours of googling.... 
Mr.CZ: 'It's okay. You have to let it go now. When it's not available anymore, what can you do?'
Me: 'No. I WILL get it. I don't give up easily on something I really want.', I said patiently & confidently like some kind of tycoon, but in my head: I was lying on the living room floor, pulling my hair, and crying 'Whyyy?!!! Ahhh!!!'
A few hours later that same Saturday evening, I found a seller! Awesome price, brand new + I get 1 extra lens. Pure, unadulterated happiness. Husband was relieved too, I think. ('Okay, now she will stop whining about it, and stop making that wretched face.')

19th Nov, Tuesday:
It was delivered! 3 days after ordering. Now you'd think it's a happy ending. Well, not yet. I had to wait for almost 2 months to see it! It was delivered to Delhi, and I was still in Scotland. Brother-in-law sent a pic of the sealed pink box, and I just had to look at it and count the days.....
18th Jan '14:
 I un-boxed it, and it was just like I imagined. Pretty. Pink. Perfect.
About Nikon 1 J1: It's a mirrorless camera, not a DSLR. But it performs almost the same. Came with D-ZOOM KIT: 10-30mm + 30-110mm. Records Full HD MOVIE 1080/60i. Please go to Nikon website for full specs.
About The PINK: This is a very pink pink. The other pink that was launched later is an icy pink.
 Flash pops up with a click. Uber cute! ♥

Pic above taken with this camera. If you want to check out more photos clicked with Nikon J1, please go HERE & HERE. I still need to get to know it a little bit more, but so far it's quite user-friendly.
Hello Kitty Box is from H&M. Kid's section, of course. I saw it the last weekend in Scotland, and I convinced the husband to let me buy it, even though our luggage space was already limited.
Minnie Mouse Socks are from Primark
Other things in pic: Pink bow false eyelash case, MAC Chatterbox Lipstick.
Primark Minnie Mouse Socks

Even the box is all pink and polka dots _

The bag & accessories are pink too.

You could say I picked this over the Canon Rebel T3i/600D.

I'm happy, and hope you are also happy I went for Pink & Cute, instead of Black & Technical! =D

Happy Weekend, all! Talk to you again Monday.

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Update soon!


  1. why did i click on the link to this post.. @_@
    thanks Cynthia.. now i can't sleep.. its so cute !!

  2. OMG i've seen this too earlier somewhere and i realllyyyy wanted it! does the seller still have more? please share the link to the seller!!!!

    1. oh and the indian nikon website doesnt show it as LE or something. they have it permanently i think.

    2. Poorva I didn't have the link anymore, but you can just type in search Ebay.in and you'll definitely find it. Ya, it seems it is permanently available in India :D


  3. You got it! :D Now I need to get my hands on the other lens. So jealous you got it free! It's SO pink isn't it :) It gets so much (sometimes unwanted) attention at blogger events. Enjoy flaunting it! xx

    1. Thanks to you Shifs. Now I can't wait to take it out for all sorts of attention haha :D Hope u get the other lens too!


  4. Its stinking cute :) Lovely purchase CZ

  5. Does such a thing as the perfect blogging camera exist? Yes and CZ has got it! I'm so happy for you but now I want one too! Hahaha


  6. Its height of cuteness..The pink cam will surely make clicking pictures a beautiful experience.. <3 <3
    Everything i sso pink and girly in this postt!!! :D

  7. omg.... that camera is the cutest thing i have ever laid my eyes on.... soooo cute!!!


  8. omgg.. dats super cutee.. n i agree with you on choosing pink n ute :P :)

  9. Pink overload!!!! everything's so cute!

  10. OMG !! Cuteness beyond words !!

  11. Super duper cute!
    This isn't fair, why-o-why LE? :(

  12. heights of cuteness!! all in one pic :) You are a doll Cynthia <3

  13. How cute!! I am a hardcore Hello Kitty fan, thanks to my little niece lol Xx

  14. u always manage to find cutest & pinkest of the things!!!!! I just bought a camera and now am cribbing!!! super cute!!

  15. Everything about this post is sooooooooooooooo cute.......


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