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Kevyn Aucoin's Makeup Pictorial #1: Smudged Smoky Eyes For Different Eye Shapes

When I went to my abandoned apartment in Gurgaon (Delhi), I took a few makeup items that I'd left there, and I made sure to take my makeup books. I was missing them a lot. Unfortunately, they're too heavy to take to UK with me, and I also didn't have time to go through them properly while I was there, so I just clicked pics of a few pages. I rarely read them again while I was living there, but now I badly want to go through them- thoroughly. See? You don't value something until you don't have it anymore.

Men-Who-Don't-Appreciate-Their-Wives&GFs, do you hear that? Yes, you. Your beautiful girl is sitting right next to you, and you're checking out other girls?! One.Tight.Slap.

Anyways, I thought I'd share some pictorials from the books of the MUA I learnt a lot from- Kevyn Aucoin. These illustrations are from either Face Forward or Making Faces, I'm confused. I've done a post on makeup books here & here

Hooded Eyelids: Hooded lids means you have a chunky piece of skin that covers your lid space. Ya, my eyes are a good example of hooded lids. You must have seen that I always draw a line on my crease- or rather the area where my crease should have been. Also, I can't pull off a thick eyeliner without contouring my crease area.

Tips To Remember:
  • In step 6, he used loose powder to blend the edges of the grey eye shadow. So you don't really need a blending eye shadow in most looks, just use your loose face powder. Try The Body Shop Loose Powder. Blending Tutorial here.

  • We girls with hooded lids will not be able to carry off the look in the pictorial, coz the dark eyelid will only bring out our "hood" even more. So we have to opt for the contoured crease look under Hooded Eyelids. Those of you with a a big lid space & monolids can master this look, and make it your 5-minute go-to eye makeup.
  • When you smudge a black kohl on your lids, make it a point to go over it with a powder eye shadow so that it doesn't crease or smudge beyond the desired area. This is when those useless sponge-tip applicators that come with most palettes come in really handy.
  • Step 3 is now commonly known as 'Tightlining'. I've done a tutorial here.

  • Lastly, I like how he squared off the bottom lip with a natural-colored lip pencil. Hello, voluptuous lips!

I think that's all from this one. 

I have more pics from the books in my phone. You want to see? Let me know!


  1. informative n i like to try pretty soon :) nicee clicks :)

  2. Am bookmarking this page ! Thank You CZ <3
    Post something for round face..small eyes..typical get the drift ?

    PS- I started blending edges with Loose powder after reading your to the T :)

  3. I have hooded eyes just like yours. Can you a do a step by step tutorial? I tried following these pictures, but cant seem to get it right.

  4. Cz Mam I will Meet U That day wen my dreams wil come true now onwardrs u r my inspiration <3 shrutika

  5. hey cz i too have hooded eyes..nice article


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