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FREE Ciaté Paint Pots With Marie Claire May 2013!

I've always wanted to have some Ciaté Paint Pots only because of the bottle with a bow (look!), but  I find £9 (Rs.740) too steep for a nail polish. Hell, I don't even want to shell out 200 rupees on any nail polish! Yes, nail paints are where I'm most kanjoos at =D
But on a quick trip to Tesco today (to buy a Double Decker chocolate bar for Mr.CZ), "I saw, I squealed, I bought." *Jumps*
This shade is called ~ Pocket Money. 
Oh ya, there's another freebie with it- Jergens Ultra Healing Body Moisturiser! Ah, the joys!

Another shade to collect is Ciaté Sand Dune

Marie Claire Price ~ £3.80 (Rs.314). Nail polish worth £9, such a bargain, don't you agree?
Also get 20% off at Ciaté.

We reach Scotland tomorrow.... and I think I'll go get that second shade. It would be stupid not to, no? 


  1. with bow the pot looks so cutee and good shade :)

  2. This is a steal! I wish they start doing this in India someday........

  3. Hey Cynthia I looovveee your blog I've read almost all of your posts. U're funny your posts are very very interesting and informative.. luv u and keep it up girl!:D <3

  4. I've been wanting to try Ciate for so long... I'll be waiting for a sale! :)

  5. pls do a NOTD with the shade :)

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  6. why the heck don't we get free items in our magazines in the us?!! this is a great thing!!

  7. you made in fall in love with bows too.. though not obsessed yet.. but I also feel liking with things with bow and they remind me of u :p

  8. Everytime I see bows I think of you...the shade looks lovely and such a wonderful freebie to have :)

  9. I love this colour, I picked up this and Sand Dune as I thought it was too great an offer to miss x


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