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Fun Nail Trend: Match Your Nails With Your Man's T-Shirt!

First of all, it was a coincidence. The man's t-shirt matched my nail polish one day. I got so excited! I wanted it to happen again.... I'll make it happen again!
Some feminists would be like, "Why? Why should we match our nails to what a man is wearing now?!"
Uhm, because it's fun! And because it'll be the other way around. We (demand) suggest he wears a t-shirt that matches our nail polish.
I think it's cute. A subtler PDA.
What if my nail polish is pink??? There are lots of t-shirts with a lil' bit of pink graphics/writing. But if your man is not opposed to wearing pink, you're a lucky lucky lady! =D
For all you patient nail art experts, you can even copy the graphics, and put those numbers and words and hyphens and whatnot.
This was only the first time- by accident, so it's not a very good picture (which I clicked in a moving train). Wait till next time ;) 
You ladies with me on this trend?


  1. yup am in !!! this is so much fun !

  2. M staring at ur rock the new trend too

    1. I almost cropped it out coz it's distracting :D


  3. This is such an amazing moment it happened with me too ;) hehe.. well i also hold this shade.. its from colorbar naa?? same pinch again :D

  4. Hahaha...that's such a cute thought lol

  5. aww..happened with me too number of times..
    dats really cute..:)


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