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Aldo Jewelry & Bangles Haul ~ Products Of The Week

This is the jewelry haul I mentioned. I look at them every night before sleeping.... let out a sigh of contentment..... show the rings to Mr.CZ- "Look! Sho cute!", for the 10th time!..... put them away in the Aldo bag..... place it beside my nightstand.... and finally.... finally..... put my head on my pillow. Then it's Mr.CZ's turn to sigh aloud =D
Enjoy the pics! 
Stacked Gold Bangles ~  From Shimla. I combined 2 types of bangles there. The thick/designed ones were for Rs.150 for 4 pieces, and the thin beaded ones were for Rs.50 for a dozen. I like that they don't look too traditional, and you can still wear them with western outfits. Something like these would probably cost so much more from Accessorize & Aldo.
Plain Silver Bangles ~ They are the same ones like the gold ones I bought from Delhi for Rs.70. But I got these for Rs.50 ($0.90) from Shimla. They're just for casual wear.
Aldo Husselbee Earrings ~ Original price- Rs.600, but I got them for Rs.450 ($8.00). I love love love them so much. It's like getting 6 gold hoop earrings, no? =)
Aldo Peche & Spillman Rings ~ Original price was Rs.600 each, but on sale they were for only Rs.150 ($2.71) each! But I think I got 1 for free* Can you believe it?! Best thing is they fit me- Size F11 or F12 (they're the same size but different sizes was written on the tags)
'Hello!' ..... 'Ta-ta!' ....... 'Taxi!'

*Aldo Earrings & 2 rings were for Rs.650 altogether.

So, total cost of pretty shiny things = Rs.900 (about $16.00). 

My favorites are definitely the Aldo rings, coz they're so cheap... hehe...

Which did you like the most?

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. They look beautiful. I think gold really suits your skin. ^^

  2. Wow.. great haul.. Those rings are really pretty : )

  3. the rings simply gorgeous!! love them!
    And like the nail paint too!

  4. stacked one are damn pretty :D loved them a lot...where did u got them?

  5. gawshhhhh..
    everything is just so beautiful..stacked gold bangles, earrings, rings..lovely..:)

  6. Loving the eye design of the bangles and those rings are drool worthy!

  7. Loved bargain :D

  8. wow love the rings and the golden stacked bangles ..

  9. Loved the gold bangles from Shimla, they're gorgeous!!!


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